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Too Indian: Giving the Indian-ness to the Western thoughts

Food April 21, 2018

If there is a magician in the restaurant world, it is Varun Puri! He turns around something we have on an everyday basis look so inspirational. We have already told you about his earlier venture Imly where he made street food look so inviting making sure its affordable too and this time it is Too Indian. Most of the dishes that we ate here were not what we would have eaten for the first time but the twists that he added and the presentation made all the difference. Let us give you a download of the yummy things!

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Bon Appetit with a twist! – Aanch, Rajouri Garden

Food July 30, 2016

The first thought of West Delhi’s Rajouri Garden lanes frames around shopping, big brands and exclusive restaurants that serve the typical Punjabi istyle Dal-makhni and Butter Chicken that you will not find wherever else in the city. The families come together to enjoy the distinctive Punjabi cuisine known for its rich and buttery flavours.

Aanch – the premier dining and entertainment destination located in the exclusive Shopper Stop Mall in Rajouri Garden, devoted two months in extensive trials to merge new flavours that defy cultural expectation of classical dishes and yet creating something extraordinary.

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Restaurant Review: Habibi, Rajouri Garden

Food July 7, 2016

Now its time to get the hang of Lebanese & Arabic Food at none other than Habibi at Rajouri Garden where you can find a blend & fusion of Lebanese, Moroccan & Indian cuisine. Situated between the hustle bustle of the Rajouri Garden market you see this amazing restaurant in yellow lights and when you enter you can see a big TV playing FTV (Habibi is a trademark of FTV).

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Restaurant Review: Junkyard Cafe, Rajouri Garden

Food July 5, 2016

This time we went out to the newest outlet of Junkyard Cafe, located in the popular Rajouri Garden market. In line with their theme of using junk items stylistically, Umang Tewari and team have used unconventional items to set up the decor. Some of the items that we saw were: drums being used for the bar counter and as pillars, old wines bottles being used as lighting, and old milk containers, shock absorbers, and other spare parts being used as decorating items. Other interesting items we noticed were: part of an old ambassadors’ body hung up next to the bar counter; and a Mona Lisa portrait made entirely out of junk.

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Restaurant Review: NH44, Rajouri Garden

Food May 21, 2016

National Highway 44 (NH44) as the name loudly announces the theme of the restaurant is to actually deliver the feel of ‘Highway Dhabas’. NH44, a PAN Indian diner has finally opened its gates in the heart of Rajouri Garden for food connoisseurs to experience a wholesome culinary voyage. A brainchild of OTB Khan Market Owners & Businessmen, Udit Bagga & Udit Bhasin, the restaurant draws inspiration from India’s longest highway and offers authentic flavors that are unique to each state touched by the highway.

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Garam Dharam, the latest buzz at Rajouri Garden

Food May 19, 2016

Team ChicLifeByte did tell you about Garam Dharam, by Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta which brought in the nostalgia of veteran actor Dharmendra. And with immense pleasure Team ChicLifeByte announces that the brand has expanded its presence at Rajouri Garden and is buzzing in the famous BK Dutt market. We did make our entry there and found the food to be much more tastier than the Connaught Place outlet. Guess, it just gets better with time. Spread over 3000 sq. ft, Garam Dharam in Rajouri garden is built on the similar lines on which the first outlet of CP is being made. Bollywood Veteran Dharmendra is everybody’s favorite and has been ruling heart since his young days. His movies, his dialogues and his songs are legendary.

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Restaurant Review: The California Boulevard, Rajouri Garden

Food May 5, 2016

The California Boulevard is well known to be crowned as the winner of the Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant by The Times Food & Night Life Awards 2016.The California Boulevard (TCB) is all about Hollywood and Celebrities. The day we visited the restaurant, Lady Gaga’s birthday was being celebrated by getting everyone indulge in a cake cutting ceremony. The entrance to the dining area on the first floor is ornated with a real Harley Davidson.

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Mystery in Mystery Rooms

Lifestyle December 15, 2015

All those hooked on to ’Escape the room’ online games should leave their laptops and mobile phones right now. No No Fret not! There is no virus in that game but what if we tell you, you can experience this game LIVE!! Surprised? Yes, that’s what Team ChicLifeByte recently experienced. Mystery Rooms located at Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon is the live version of Escape the Room game. Still don’t believe us? So head to this wonderful place where you can play 4 interesting games live – Hurt Locker, Lock Out, Cabin in the Woods and Abduction. The games have been written in the order of difficulty and with each game the level of difficulty increases. We started with Level 2 which was Lock Out. The 4 of us were locked in a prison for an hour and we had to free ourselves with the help of interesting clues which we had to solve. The biggest clue being “Look everywhere, even the smallest of thing could help you free yourself”. But one really needs to be attentive and think Out of the Box. Tough, a taskmaster will give you hints but it is you and your team who need to solve the clues or riddles. The team could be between 2 to 8 people in the age group of 10 to 77 and does not require any physical force.

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