The California Boulevard is well known to be crowned as the winner of the Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant by The Times Food & Night Life Awards 2016.The California Boulevard (TCB) is all about Hollywood and Celebrities. The day we visited the restaurant, Lady Gaga’s birthday was being celebrated by getting everyone indulge in a cake cutting ceremony. The entrance to the dining area on the first floor is ornated with a real Harley Davidson.


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We started with the welcome drink Virgin Spritzer which seemed to apparently match the season of colours and tasted refreshing with watermelon dollops & basil leaves.


The first on the list of appetizers was Dilli Ki Chaat which was utmost crunchy with goodness of iron. The green leafy spinach stir-fried laced with curd, tamarind chutney and nylon sev finally shaped the delicious Dilli Ki Chaat.


The Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka garnished with pink ribbons of onions was succulent because of the creamy cheese marination. The soft morsels of chicken tasted unique and juicy owing to the flavour of Kaffir Lime, cheddar cheese and lemongrass.


The Duo of Paneer Tikka was remarkably known as Chef’s special with two versions, one with marination of Kaffir lime and mint chutney and other with tangent flavour of pomegranate accompanying tandoori aroma.


To give a break and let the mood swing on, came the Virgin Sangria. The drink with flavour of fruits had some floating chunks of orange and apples both red and green.


The Sushi Paneer with filling of minced mushrooms and cottage cheese tasted delicious with perfect spices blended.


Kakori Kebab, a royal dish of Awadh being medium spicy had the perfect aroma and authentic flavour. The dish was soft and juicy, lamb being finely minced and properly cooked.

The Sushi Rolls were Japanese vinegared rice rolls presented in an utmost beautiful manner with wasabi, kikkoman soy and pickled ginger.


The Prawn Spring Rolls stood best in the appetizers as they were unique in taste and garnishing filled with prawns, glass noodles, mushrooms, peppers and carrots. The Steamed Fish was the steamed fillet of basa covered with delicious Cantonese garlic butter sauce.


A big size pan half n half pizza became dominant on the table. California Veggie with toppings of baby corn, broccoli, eggplants, red onions, mushrooms & sun dried tomatoes shared the half space on the pan while Peri-Peri Chicken with toppings of jalapenos, chicken and pickled red chillies attracted my attention with its delightful aroma.


Then came the flavour of China, Hakka Noodles with veggies in chilli garlic sauce. The blend of spices, garlic, chilly & veggies were to utmost perfection.


Now was the turn to taste Punjabi flavour- Punjabi Kulcha with Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Kofta. The soft dumplings of cottage cheese and ricotta cheese wrapped in layer of spinach in saffron makhni sauce were heavenly delicious and just made the heart go Hmm!!!


Finally was the clock ticking for Chocolate Bomb. A big size chocolate ball arrived and magic was created with pouring of the hot caramel sauce over the ball. Chocolate melted in form of a flower and in no time on the platter exposing scoops of ice cream resting on the bed of mouthwatering brownie topped with almonds. The taste will just remind you of your childhood, prominently eclairs. The last dish but the blockbuster dish, one will never ever forget and surely one of the best innovations of Chef Ashutosh.



TCB is divided into 2 floors and the interiors are intricately planned with dim lighting and Swarovski embedded chesterfield sofas. The dining area is designed in Hollywood theme with names of celebrities inscribed. Beautiful LED pictures are used as wall hangings gifting a sense of uniqueness.

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The California Boulevard, the brainchild of restaurateur Rajan Sethi definitely deserves the title of Best Multicuisine Restaurant!

Review Credit: Sonal Gupta

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