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August 2015

Restaurant Review: Cafe Immigrant, Connaught Place

Food August 30, 2015

This little café called Cafe Immigrant is located amongst the most busiest places in New Delhi, Connaught place. This cafe is basically made around the concept of diversity, which is in abundance here in the Indian capital and showcases many dishes from various Indian states like Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala and other countries like Italy, Lebanon & Thailand. This restaurant celebrates the fact that Delhi has always been influenced by migrants from all over the world and our own country. I could totally see that in their menu- butter chicken with pizza, risotto and khichdi, once I got my hands onto the menu I did know that tonight was going to be one parade of some fascinating food.  I was greeted by the manager Mr. Sushil & the Assistant manager Mr. Ajay. Moving onto what I ordered off their menu, the manager of the restaurant Mr. Sushil was really devoted and helpful to me with helping me order the food and suggesting whatever he thought was a must try.

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Restaurant Review: Maquina, Hauz Khas Village

Food August 28, 2015

I entered Maquina in Hauz Khas Village where I could the waiters & bartenders in hats & unusual costumes. I could see the bartenders juggle with the glasses which was very interesting to watch. The lights were dim & I could feel the Goan zing as everyone was rejoicing in the music which filled the entire space with lots of enthusiasm & cheers.

One look at the menu & to say it, it was 80% Mexican menu. They have a lot of Mexican starters with the main course being American. We met the New York based Chef, Chef Ajay Chamoli who has more than 10 years of experience in food making and is now in Delhi since 6 months.

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Samvridhi Hair Oil Review

Beauty August 26, 2015

Banjara’s, popularly known for their natural products recently launched its new range of Ayurvedic hair oil “Samvridhi”. Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil is a unique blend of 8 vital hair care herbs and three herbal oils that is clinically tested and proven to reduce hair fall by 64%. Popular actress Tamannaah has been roped in as the Brand Ambassador for Banjara’s Samvridhi.

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Restaurant Review: Days of the Raj, Aurobindo Marg

Food August 25, 2015

Days of the Raj is located amongst the hustle bustle of the Aurobindo Marg. I was really looking forward to a phenomenal evening with a lot of alluring & lip smacking food and that’s what I got. The restaurant is very clean and elegant and had something about it that helped me relate it to the days of the raj with the ambience being very positive & aesthetically pleasing. They have live Indian music playing band on all weekdays except Monday and Tuesday. The restaurant was very brightly done up with big chandeliers & ceiling lamps, which gave a touch of the British Raj to this beautifully done up restaurant. Soon, I was greeted by Mr Chandrabhan, Sr. Captain & Mr. Mohinder, manager of the restaurant. They both were extremely polite & helped me to choose the dishes. The menu has a vast range of food with influence from the Indian and the Anglo-Indian cuisine.

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Italian Eyewear brand Nau! makes its entry into the Indian market

Lifestyle August 24, 2015

NAU!, a leading & renowned Italian luxury eyewear brand is all set to mark its foray into India with its flagship store in Gurgaon, Haryana.

NAU!, established in 2005 is the first Italian brand with its own stores across the globe. With aspiring strength of 500 people, the brand has over the passage of time progressed to 90 stores that are located in most sought after cities of Italy & other parts of the world.

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Barcelos introduces “White Burger”

Food August 23, 2015

This was my third visit to Barcelos, Khan Market & I was greeted warmly by Rohit Malhotra, Head of operations, Barcelos India. After trying out the Black Burger & Red Burger, it was time for the White Burger. Yes! A white burger! They have proved the notion wrong that burgers only come in brown colour. Now they come in black, red & white colours as well that too without preservatives.

My eyes longed to see the white bun. It is available in 2 variants: Vegetarian & Chicken.

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Zoya collection preview

Fashion August 20, 2015

Zoya – the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata hosted an exclusive styling & beauty evening on August 1st, 2015 with Trip Life Fantastic Magazine (Blue Butterfly Media House). ‘Know Your Diamonds’ session offered guests an opportunity to learn more about diamonds, their value & care.

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Celebrating Indo-Pak craftsmanship at Shaan-e Pakistan

Fashion August 20, 2015

Envisioned as a platform for Indian and Pakistani fashion talent to showcase their craft on a unified stage as a means to create further awareness of the fashion prowess of the Subcontinent and to strengthen the bond between the two countries, the three day cultural initiative ‘Shaan-e-Pakistan’, is set to host Pakistani Designers/Brands and Indian Designers ensembles ranging from bridals to high-street fashion in India. Scheduled to be held from 10th September to 12th September 2015, Shaan-e-Pakistan will also feature an Exhibition that will showcase the craftsmanship and culture of the Subcontinent’s most renowned artisans.

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