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November 2015

ABHIMANYU, The Fastest Feet at Kingdom of Dreams

Lifestyle November 30, 2015

Kingdom of Dreams, an incredible Indian experience of culture & tradition at Gurgaon is now all set to showcase the panorama of the biggest dance spectacle on stage with it’s third Broadway style musical on stage, ABHIMANYU, The Fastest Feet.

Abhimanyu is set amidst the colourful panorama of the royal state of Rajasthan, with its thriving lore and traditions, which sweeps us into the world of its protagonist Abhimanyu, skilled in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. The culture, heritage, religions, dances and the various festivals are all amalgamated & brought together by Sandeep Mahavir, the lead character of Abhimanyu who is also the producer & director of the show.


Timeless Beauty Campaign by DLF Promenade

Beauty November 29, 2015

What great way to spend you day with some make-up by leading brands like Sephora, Inglot, Colorbar, Lancome, Benefit and many more. DLF Promenade recently conducted a bloggers meet with all the make-up brands all under one roof to celebrate an evening full of fun & excitement and we bloggers happy & rejoicing in the celebrations of the mall & the excitement of the makeover session.

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Styling the FREECULTR way!!

Fashion November 28, 2015

Recently, I was asked to pick a few t shirts from FREECULTR Express and style it in various looks. Believe me, I was spoilt for choice. It was difficult to choose from the plethora of options that they have on the personalized tee-store. From tiger prints to Hawaii. they have it all created by over 50,000 designers on board. When the packet finally came I could not believe the quality was even better than what I thought. The T-shirts were sweat proof and could be worn across various occasions and events- brunch, gym, movie, coffee!! All FREECULTR Express T-shirts are made using a special fabric which have 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester and the design comes only on the front side of the T-shirt. So here goes a little write up with pics of my styling.


Aeropostale, the Iconic American brand launches its first outlet in India at Select City Walk, Saket

Fashion November 27, 2015

Guys & Girls, we have some great news for you! Just when the winter season has arrived and the shopaholics in us are jumping with joy to set our winter wardrobe, there is an international iconic brand which has made its entry in India. I am sure all of you must be eager to know the name of the brand and its whereabouts, so without troubling you too much I would like to reveal the details. It’s none other than our all-time favourite Aeropostale. The American iconic brand opened its first India outlet in India at Select City Walk, Saket. Any guesses who came for the launch? Full marks to those who said Sonam Kapoor. Yes, the fashion icon Sonam Kapoor was in our city Delhi on November 7, 2015 and also got her young fans jigging at the launch. Dressed in stretchy denims, one of their signature product, an Aeropostale logo tee and checkered shirt, she also did a gig with the popular, dynamic and energetic Aero crew. Quite a huge no. of customers and onlookers queued up outside the Aeropostale store to get a glimpse of the Bollywood actress.

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A Perfect Gourmet Coffee made by your own hands

Food November 26, 2015

Café style coffee at the comfort of your home in 2 simple steps… No, this is not a distant dream anymore!! Bonhomia, India’s first coffee and tea beverage capsule brand has introduced its very own brewing machine-THE BOHO. Team ChicLifeByte was recently invited to Bonhomia’s office at Ansal Plaza for an exclusive demo and tasting session. As I entered the office, I was warmly greeted by Neha Dagar, GM-Marketing and Sales Alliances, Indulge Beverage who not only gave a demo of the machines but also familiarised us with the brand.

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‘Feather Touch Denims’ by Numero Uno

Fashion November 22, 2015

Jeans, as soft as a feather! Unbelievable? We reacted that way only when we got an invitation from Numero Uno for the unveiling of their Feather Touch denims. Jeans are the most worn item for most of us. This is atleast true for me and most of friends and siblings. We must admit that beyond a time they do get irritating so we thought lets check out this new invention.

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Now wash you face with foam- Fash Foam

Beauty November 21, 2015

One sunny afternoon, I received a nice looking package and was full of curiosity as to who has sent it and what’s inside. On opening I saw a blue coloured carton which had a bottle with blue foam and liquid inside it. My curiosity was increasing. I opened the seal and checked out the fragrance. Wow! It smelled so nice and lovely. The packaging said it was Fash Foam, a new cleanser by Curatio. I was excited to use it but was in the midst of packing for Nainital at that moment so thought of using it there, rather testing it there. 

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Food Review: Bueno Kitchen

Food November 19, 2015

So this time ChicLifeByte introduces you to Bueno Kitchen, a global food hub that delivers fresh and healthy gourmet meals right at the consumer’s doorstep, anywhere in Gurgaon. What makes Bueno spectacularly different from other online door-step delivery services is the ‘straight- out-of-kitchen-food-freshness’ and an ‘attention-grabbing variety of cuisines’ (American, Mexican, European, Italian, Lebanese, Indian & Asian).

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