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Our life revolves around our bags: My favourite picks from Jivaana

Fashion May 4, 2018

What can make a dull outfit spark? Yes, its accessories- from what you are wearing on the neck to what you are carrying in your hand. What I like is that these accessories come in different styles and colours which give us so much variety to pair them with different outfits because some day we are at our glamorous best while other days we are in a sporty avatar to some days when we are just feeling too casual.

One of my favourite accessory is the one which I use to store my essentials. Be it a lipstick, wet tissues or my phone, it goes in my purse so that I can just take it out when I require it.

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The world of Jivaana: Trendy, High quality and Affordable fashion for ethnic wear and accessories

Fashion December 18, 2017

With the wedding season around the corner, we wish to be different, trendy, modern and stylish. The series of pre-wedding functions leading to the D Day followed by the reception, we want to look different and perfect with each passing and hectic day, each minute, each second. Not only do we crave for compliments while exchanging glances, the likes and comments of the celebratory moments of life on social media is also what each of us want secretly. If this is what you relate to as well (wondering how I have read your mind ;)), then you have to make sure that you have everything perfect, right from the outfit to the accessories making sure no look and flavour is repeated on any part of the function. I love to experiment not only with my outfits but accessories too. Accessories now not only mean earrings or neckpiece but everything including your clutch and your footwear. 


You can never go wrong with Ethnic wear

Fashion November 26, 2017

Online shopping has made our life so comfortable that we hardly wait a minute to make the next purchase. I have myself bought almost everything online right from smartphones to books to dresses to tops and skirts. However, my newfound love on the Internet has been ethnic wear. This is the time when we have festivals in full swing followed by weddings and that’s when you need to be on point with your ethnic wear. That’s where your search for everything glamorous and perfect begins. And as is the norm for females, we are spoilt for choices!

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Why it’s worth shopping online for beauty products

Beauty July 3, 2017

There was a time not too long ago where our main source of information on cosmetics products was what we saw on TV or what we read in womens’ magazines. Nowadays, the world of beauty blogging and vlogging has opened our carefully kohl-lined eyes to a beautiful new source for make up know-how: the internet.

Not only does the internet provide us with thousands upon thousands of helpful tips, tutorials and ideas for our next new look, it’s also the perfect place to source great deals on all your regular make-up brands, as well as discovering some new ones that you won’t always find in the stores in your area. In fact, some of the more exotic brands that you see in beauty vlogger hauls are only exclusively available online, so it’s worth taking a look around.

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My Black Over Lapping Pleated Dress from Samshék

Fashion June 16, 2017

Every girl wants to look good and wants a perfect dress made according to her size. While the normal sized get their dresses off the shelf but for a plus size person like me, it’s a struggle in itself. A perfect dress for me would be something that doesn’t only fit me well but is stylish too. Recently, I got to know about Samshék which played a genie to customise my dress according to my demands! Samshék not only gives quality, class & style but adds the comfort for the dress to be chosen by us in terms of length, style, colour, design and fabric.

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Lay the Foundation with Shoes

Fashion May 30, 2017

Whether you are rocking a suit or chilling in your joggers, the pivot of your outfit remains your footwear choice. In many ways, shoes define your personality and your taste. There is no denying that the different styles of shoes are a delight to explore. With online shoes shopping, you can enjoy great deals and a wide selection without stepping out of home. Make sure you get your basics right for this essential pillar of your wardrobe.

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These 4 Tips Make Your Online Jewellery Shopping a Cakewalk

Lifestyle September 6, 2016

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a woman of today needs no man to get her diamonds. So you pretty ladies, it’s time to love yourself, pamper yourself and go and get what you deserve. Ditch your prince charming and be your own hero. Your dazzling aura deserves a sizzling charmer. So why wait for him to get you a rock when a rocking diva like you can claim her own smiles. Thanks to online shopping, exquisite jewels are available at a click. So be smart and shop from the comforts of your home.


Don the desi girl avatar without stepping out of your house!

Fashion July 26, 2016

With the forthcoming wedding season, we love to don the desi girl avatar and what’s more elegant than getting into the 9 yards to get into the perfect look. When I got married 2 yrs back, I went to the famous markets where shopkeepers would make you wear different sarees complementing you on your height, physique, completion etc. with the aim to make maximum sales. They would even make you eat the famous tikkis and chaat of their respective markets…Sounds fun? But this can be quite a ride with different hassles that come with it- parking, salesman being extra pushy and not getting the right pick for your look.

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All About You by Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone

Fashion November 14, 2015

Florals, light, breezy blacks, beachy peaches

Blues, blacks & greys

In love with herself & her dreams

Swirling in her caresses of the sky and dreaming.

Reading, laughing & enjoying on the layouts

Happily involved in the sketches of her dreams to fly

Kissing herself in the mirror & bidding goodbye

All about her style statement

And the way she wants to personify clothes

What better way to style yourself with clothes designed by leading lady of Bollywood. B-town has already taken the fashion world by storm for decades gone by and yet to come. So, when we got to know of a new collection called “All About You” by Deepika Padukone, we had to check it out. Deepika has been a fashion inspiration for a lot of us and we have seen her adorn different looks for different movies. From Veronica of Cocktail to Leela of Ram Leela, she has done it all. There has never been a second thought of her fashion sensibilities.

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PepperTap comes to my rescue!!

Lifestyle October 20, 2015

I had a party at my house and didn’t know how to manage things. I already had a million things running in my mind – guest list, grocery shopping, return gift, cooking, cleaning, arranging things etc….I didn’t know how to manage everything within the short span of time. That’s when I tried my hand at the seemingly magical app called PepperTap.

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