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The quirky fashionistas of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter’17 clicked by Coolpad Note 5 Lite!

Fashion April 10, 2017

We were at the Amazon India Fashion Week in association with Maybelline New York Autumn Winter’17 recently and while there was great fashion on the ramp which made headlines in major print, electronic & online media but what we wanted to cover was not only the ramp fashion but also the quirky fashion! No, fashion is not just restricted to being fashionable and following the trend but it’s also about quirkiness with style & attitude which gets you the attention not only from people around but also from Team ChicLifeByte and the lens of Coolpad Note 5 Lite. Read on to know more!


What I Wore to #AIFWSS17

Fashion January 14, 2017

Dressing up for the fashion week is always full of excitement and drama amidst all the models, celebrities and the who’s who of the fashion world. You want to look the best and this time for the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer’17, I collaborated with Oxolloxo for OOTD posts during the fashion week.

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Oxolloxo: My Style Partner for Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer’17

Fashion December 16, 2016

Amidst the glitz and glamour of fashion week, how can you be left behind and this time while I was deciding my wardrobe for the much awaited week, I picked up Oxolloxo to be my style partner. Afterall, you need the right partners to stand out and only a few have that caliber to stay with you! Oxolloxo is a global lifestyle brand that provides quality fashion to its customers across all tiers of Indian cities at affordable prices.

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The Trendy Divva magic!

Fashion November 22, 2016

Trendy Divva, the dream store for all that a girl wants and dreams of having in her closet. Be it party wear, wedding stuff, holiday stuff, gowns, dresses or kurtis, they have it all that too from size 4 to 30. All lovely, comfortable and different from each other, affordable, trendy, sexy & alluring ranging from kids wear to teens to adults, Trendy Divva is a store for all your needs.

So, for a recent shoot, I went to the store with my sister and we settled on 2 beautiful gowns and loved what we wore! Obviously when you get what you love in your size, it’s a double whammy!

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When style and technology meet each other!

Fashion September 14, 2016

Fashion is not only about donning great clothes but about style and comfort too. When we were asked to do a fashion post for Coolpad we were confused as to where to go! Somewhere there is style, somewhere there is comfort. It’s important to keep the fashion graph high but not at the stake of choosing between comfort and style.

So we decided to go to 2 different destinations of the fashion world – a brand and a designer. A brand would always have options across various styles while a designer will have different lines.

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Matching Michael Kors for Him & Her

Fashion July 20, 2016

When a couple’s been together long enough (or when they’re so new they’re totally engrossed in each other and notice every minute detail) coordination comes naturally. Whether it’s in the way you walk or talk, your reactions, your expressions,or your styles, you fall into a natural rhythm with your significant other –and the world of high fashion couldn’t be happier for you! As a celebration of romance, ‘His & Her’ styles have become a great way to show off your love.

Speaking of matching styles, it’s no secret that ‘twinning’ is all the rage these days. But I say why limit the trend to clothes, shoes and accessories? Let’s level up the game and introduce a dose of high-end high fashion watches to the mix and see what happens! I’ve got my money on Michael Kors watches to create a gorgeous lovechild (pun not intended, no pressure!) of high fashion and fine watchmaking.

What could be cuter than a couple showing off their romance through a coordinated pair of luxury watches? They add a luxurious lustrous quality to a couple’s already effervescent style and love. Of course, a lot of luxury brands actually make his & her styles already, butI think its more fun to keep the concept a little more open-ended and go in for matching yet contrasting models. Keeps the style from looking too cheesy and boring. Contrasting timepieces allow a little bit of breathing room for your personal styles, which is an absolute must for the success of any relationship, wouldn’t you agree?

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OSR Jewellers, a one stop halt for every girl’s fashion needs

Fashion July 18, 2016

When girls gossip, they talk about make-up, costumes, hair styling & jewellery which piece each women possesses which graces her style, caresses her neck, ears and makes her look more beautiful & appealing. Big, small, beautiful, round kundan, polki, colourful stones or beads you have it all at Kartik Nayyar’s OSR Jewellers, a one stop halt for every girl’s fashion needs, be it for a casual day out or a family function.

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5 Summer Styles Every Woman Must Own In 2016

Fashion April 6, 2016

You know well when sweat is dripping down through your neck and you wish lill more cold drinks stuffed in the refrigerator! Summer is hover on our head!!!

Though quite tough but beating it down is not impossible at-least. Enjoy the every moment which has been offered to you and this is only how you can afford to look beyond. So, ‘enough of lecture’ ends here, presenting you a wide arena of some cool summer picks for women which are a must snatch away pieces in 2016.

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Styling the FREECULTR way!!

Fashion November 28, 2015

Recently, I was asked to pick a few t shirts from FREECULTR Express and style it in various looks. Believe me, I was spoilt for choice. It was difficult to choose from the plethora of options that they have on the personalized tee-store. From tiger prints to Hawaii. they have it all created by over 50,000 designers on board. When the packet finally came I could not believe the quality was even better than what I thought. The T-shirts were sweat proof and could be worn across various occasions and events- brunch, gym, movie, coffee!! All FREECULTR Express T-shirts are made using a special fabric which have 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester and the design comes only on the front side of the T-shirt. So here goes a little write up with pics of my styling.