Recently, I was asked to pick a few t shirts from FREECULTR Express and style it in various looks. Believe me, I was spoilt for choice. It was difficult to choose from the plethora of options that they have on the personalized tee-store. From tiger prints to Hawaii. they have it all created by over 50,000 designers on board. When the packet finally came I could not believe the quality was even better than what I thought. The T-shirts were sweat proof and could be worn across various occasions and events- brunch, gym, movie, coffee!! All FREECULTR Express T-shirts are made using a special fabric which have 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester and the design comes only on the front side of the T-shirt. So here goes a little write up with pics of my styling.

IMG_7733 copy

Masking my face with the mask-up T-shirt, I started my styling with a Mask T-shirt and sat down for my make up enjoying the morning breeze with Qutub Minar behind me at the beautiful Lavaash by Saby. The various colours on the T-shirt & the palette reflected on my face. I loved the print of the FREECULTR tee making my heart all happy, free-cultured & spirited. You can style the Mask T-shirt with anything be it denims, palazzo, shirt, tracks or shorts & pair it with cool make-up and some funky bracelets and accessories (colourful would be more fun).

IMG_7739 copy_Fotor_Collage

Be it a casual look or an outdoor look, I prefer to stay in sync with style & fashion be it the sunglasses to ban the hot sun & the camera lens to capture me in the right mood laughing, talking & sharing jokes and what better than the mask and me outrageously bold & super cool truly me.

IMG_7741 copy

In a playful & joyful chatter chat with my sister, my partner in crime exchanged some joys in a candid conversation. Hello the tiger-face & the mask playing the wicked side. Lovely time & lovely memories, I hold the fun side & the child in me.

IMG_7759 copy_Fotor_Collage

Next, the fierce golden-yellow sun & the tiger face T-shirt with golden & brown stylish sunglasses & a pearl bracelet with a signature blue denim. The shine in her personality got deeper with the golden reflection & the T-shirt charmed her personality with the rough & the rugged and her wild side with the red lipper making a style statement. The colours of the beaming sun & the colours of the tee both bonded together and made a great impression. The T-shirt can be found here.

IMG_7773 copy_Fotor_Collage

The forest & the dazzling girl, the tiger & the ravishing her, the brown goggles and the wild in her daring to be out & the tiger in her making her wilder, sportier & more fierce in the hot blazing sun I loved the cool T-shirt as it made her personality a unique appeal pairing it with a black track pant/ shorts for a casual evening or lunch or a movie with friends or maybe an adventurous holiday or trip like a Safari or Corbett. To buy the T shirt click here.

The perfect graffiti, the perfect weather, the perfect sun, the afternoon, the mood & the background for the T-shirt reflected the best of the wild & free. FREECULTR is best for comfort, style & the fashion & choice of today.


With the fun frolic side of me always bubbling like a pomegranate in me, my sexy Kohl eyes & the cool green goggle blue eyes on the T-shirt made a great contrast. I tried my white bangles with silver earrings plus my denim essentials that kept me cool. The FREECULTR Express T-shirt, my bang on make-up plus my accessories and the right mix & match in the attire made the blue stand out whether the mixing or the blue love quotient. The power of colours used pulled out the right mood & the blue denim definition in me. Here goes the link.

IMG_7813 copy_Fotor_Collage

The colourful tiger & the pink on my nails as well as the drink, the rosemary combination on all colours defining the depth on blue with pink watch that I had no clue. I loved the red & pink raspberry and the pop of red on her lips with the shades adding the much needed oomph be it the standing or a sitting pose. I felt at leisure & relaxed in my comfortable wear that I can sport any day anywhere with no hassles that gives me more power to think, match, imagine & be free willed the FREECULTR way.


Impressed with FREECULTR, we got into a candid chat with Sandeep Singh, co-founder and CEO, FREECULTR who said “What’s really driven FREECULTR from the very beginning of it’s inception is it’s need to disrupt and solve problems smartly through technology. Inventory, distribution, production, supply-chain have been some of the biggest pain points for anyone to start their own business in this segment. We’ve simplified and solved that with FREECULTR Express. Now anyone can become an entrepreneur just like the 50,000+ designers we already have on board and start earning from day one without the hassles of knowing the technology and mammoth sized operations that go behind making it happen. The platform has enabled these people to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams without having to invest anything. If you have an idea we will enable and empower you to convert into a real life product. We aim at crossing the 3,00,000 number of designers by 2016.  In a nutshell, super exciting times ahead for us and our community”. We also got to know that going forward they will soon be launching their mobile app that will allow smart phone users to upload photographs onto tees. Additionally they will also be diversifying their product portfolio to include tees for kids in addition to tees for men and women.


Location Courtesy: Lavaash by Saby

Photography by: Shootera

Make-up by: Blue Lagoon Salon