One sunny afternoon, I received a nice looking package and was full of curiosity as to who has sent it and what’s inside. On opening I saw a blue coloured carton which had a bottle with blue foam and liquid inside it. My curiosity was increasing. I opened the seal and checked out the fragrance. Wow! It smelled so nice and lovely. The packaging said it was Fash Foam, a new cleanser by Curatio. I was excited to use it but was in the midst of packing for Nainital at that moment so thought of using it there, rather testing it there. 


On reaching Nainital, I tried it twice. Once at the start of the day and second, at the end of the day. While trying it during the morning hours or the first time, I realized it does not make too much lather so you need to take a generous quantity to cleanse your whole face. It felt soft on the face and didn’t make it too dry. It felt great throughout the day and it showed on my Nainital pictures as well ☺

When I tried it at the end of the day, I realized it was not too great for removing make up so you first need a make up remover and then you can use Fash Foam. I am one of those lazy bums who would want the face wash to do everything.


The packaging says Fash Foam is an innovative approach to gentle skin cleaning, and helps improve dirt, dead cells and excessive oil. Overall I think it’s a great cleaning product and I really recommend this product. It works great to get rid of acne/pimples too.


Price: Rs 270 for a 100 ml bottle.

Foam face wash is the next big thing and we know a couple of brands who are working on something similar. Do keep logged on to for updates!!

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