Wella International Studio in Saket was where Nioxin India demonstrated their hair products. I was warmly greeted by Ankita from Blogadda & the Wella experts who spoke about Nioxin, which is a scientific approach for dealing with thinning of hair.


It repairs breakage and damage and in just 4 weeks you get fantastic results. Nikhil Sharma, one of the stylists at Wella said 77% people who use Nioxin regularly don’t want to change it. It’s the No.1 salon brand for hair thinning and hair fall & has won 13 awards.


There are many reasons for hair fall these days like stress, certain medications, unhealthy scalp, prolonged use of hair colour, wrong brushing and product usage techniques. All these are also responsible for breakage and thinning of hair. Moreover it’s proven that 50% of male and female experience hair loss and do not feel comfortable talking about it. So Nioxin is the solution to their needs as Nioxin delivers thicker, fuller and denser looking hair. Nioxin has 6 customized system for each hair type. There are three products- the cleanser, the optimizer(Revitaliser) and the scalp treatment with the crossover of techniques depending upon the hair needs and hair types.


Nioxin products are made of botanical ingredients like white tea and peppermint oil which does not harm the hair or scalp but cleanses the hair gently, amplifies it, conditions the scalp and protects hair from further damages. It repairs the hair cuticle and nourishes it and the scalp feels cleansed & breathes. There are 100% results of the treatment in just four weeks.


We bloggers were given a personal consultation about our hair problems and accordingly the experts treated our hair with the Nioxin range. We got a 10 minute massage with the Derma renew which removes dead skin and excess sebum upto 34% faster than untreated skin.


I felt nice and a cold sensation while the product was being applied. Then the cleaner was used to remove environmental residues and to remove the follicle clogging sebum. After that the Revitalizer was applied on the scalp & hair to soothe it and moisturize scalp and hair like a conditioner. Here I got a conditioner for the scalp as well.


After that when the expert towel dried my hair, he applied Nioxin Scalp treatment on the roots to provide a refreshed scalp environment. It was left on the scalp and my hair was blow dried and I looked completely changed.


There was a new me in the mirror, all thanks to the Nioxin range and the Wella professionals who made that possible. I could see the colour of my scalp whiter than my face skin.


I felt clean & fresh after experiencing the spa facial for the hair and not the skin this time. It was like treating the scalp like the face skin. I felt completely relaxed and it was a wonderful experience as because I could feel my healthy scalp and hair after the treatment.


I was given Nioxin Kit no. 3 at the end containing all the 3 products according to my hair to experience for 20 days so I will post a review soon on those products and I am looking forward to the change it will bring to my hair.


You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with BlogAdda.com




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