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Now wash you face with foam- Fash Foam

One sunny afternoon, I received a nice looking package and was full of curiosity as to who has sent it and what’s inside. On opening I saw a blue coloured carton which had a bottle with blue foam and liquid inside it. My curiosity was increasing. I opened the seal and checked out the fragrance. Wow! It smelled so nice and lovely. The packaging said it was Fash Foam, a new cleanser by Curatio. I was excited to use it but was in the midst of packing for Nainital at that moment so thought of using it there, rather testing it there.  Continue Reading


Samvridhi Hair Oil Review

Banjara’s, popularly known for their natural products recently launched its new range of Ayurvedic hair oil “Samvridhi”. Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil is a unique blend of 8 vital hair care herbs and three herbal oils that is clinically tested and proven to reduce hair fall by 64%. Popular actress Tamannaah has been roped in as the Brand Ambassador for Banjara’s Samvridhi. Continue Reading


Passion Fruit Body Butter by The Nature’s Co. (REVIEW)

It’s the time of the season when you wanna smell great & look good all the time. I recently got a chance to review Passion Fruit Body Butter from The Nature’s Co.  I found the product really unique and the best part is that it does not cling to the skin. I specially loved the Piglet pink colour and the romantic Passion fruit fragrance. It is very smooth to touch too. Continue Reading