‘, the brainchild of Mrs. Urvashi Sarda and Mr. Madhusudan Sarda, is a blessing in disguise for every kid. Mrs Urvashi Sarda, being a mother of a daughter and a son, could understand the need of a concept of Toy Library. She believes that ‘Books and Toys’ be child’s best friends, unfortunately which in present scenario is taken over by mobile phones and televisions. is actually a well fabricated thought to gift every child the moments where they discover, explore, smile, play and learn.

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Books be introduced from an early age which impart knowledge, makes the child inquisitive as he turns the page and works wonder on the vocabulary. Toys are always on child’s wishlist, but the correct choice of toys is important. Toys helps in improving hand & eye coordination, building motor skills and polishing innovative and imaginary traits. Puzzles and Board games are important for nurturing brain activities, increasing concentration levels and developing qualities of sharing and taking turns. is Delhi’s premier online library of toys, books, puzzles and board games for kids aged 0-12 years is smart toy library where kids can rent toys, play, return, rent new toys, play again and so on.

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Smart Library offers membership plans for renting toys/books/puzzles as low as 600 per month. It also offers ‘customized plans’ to select the number of toys/books/puzzles/board games as per the member’s need and interest. also delivers a Trial membership plan @ Rs. 400 for 15 days, where on a trial basis, a customer can rent 2 toys, without paying the registration charges. also expertise in creating wonderful ‘Playzones’ for birthday parties or playdates. The area can be chosen from 4m×4m to 12m×12m with 15-40 toys at a minimum price of Rs. 6000 only.

I being a true follower of took a grand plan of one month @ Rs. 1350. Every Monday when my son ‘Siddhant’ would return from school, he would know that bell will ring and toy will come. With his mat placed near the main door, Siddhant will wait eagerly for the toy to arrive. I could see a different kind of happiness in his eyes. He also learnt that my mom chose the best toy for me and I have to be careful while playing, else I won’t get new toys next week. Unknowingly he learnt new virtues, which are otherwise very hard to incorporate.


We as parents were happy because at a bare rental of Rs. 1350 we could rent 8 toys amounting to almost Rs 40000. Thomas Zip, Zoom & Logging Adventure Track or Little Times Police Coupes Car or Motorised Bike everything was in the package. Siddhant no longer demanded of going to playzone, but was happy playing at home. I could also save on the space of storing the toys. There were no more tantrums of buying a useless toy from a mall/shop as he knew I will get a new bigger toy on Monday.


Pick and Drop Facility at makes it all the more convenient. Saving on the fuel, travelling time and hassle of carrying big toys all are taken care by the Team.

Freeze Option at can be availed if the member is travelling for some days and membership can be resumed after she comes back.

Toy Box at is where members can select 20 toys and 20 books/puzzles/board games and choose the day of delivery for every week. The team will deliver the toy automatically according to preferred list of toys.

“Sanitised and Plastic Wrap”: Toys that are delivered are 100 percent sanitised and wrapped in plastic sheets making them 100 percent safe for the little ones.

Partner Plan- Any individual or an institution such as school can be a partner and can earn on registrations and memberships.

Provider Plan- Provider plan works on taking toys from people and earning rent on them whenever in circulation. works as All Baby Stuff Store, where you can buy toys, be a baby product seller and arrange for birthday supplies. policies and future planning is sure to make it a huge success with spreading more than a million smiles!!!

Review Credit: Sonal Gupta

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