I could read the wishlist twinkling in the eyes of my son Siddhant when I told him that we have to visit Hamleys to check out the Christmas special activities. The preparation of wishlist goes the entire month of Christmas. On the very day of Christmas, kids are surprised with their favourite toys making them believe in the long lived tradition of a gift from Santa Claus.

The area outside Hamleys was beautifully decorated with a big Santa Claus and Christmas theme making it picture perfect. It surely had a magnetic effect which attracted kids as well as adults to the store. The spirit of Christmas was apparent everywhere.


Hamleys has come up with a very interactive concept of “Talk to Santa” where kids were speaking via Google Hangout and sharing their list of wishes.The smile on their faces was priceless and made the aura so lively and fun filled. One of the most interesting question to Santa goes asking him as to what’s your wife’s name? Everyone standing there was perplexed for a moment. Such activities do trigger the inquisitive minds of the little ones.

Little boys wished for cars, tool kits, helicopters, quadcopters & lego whereas little angels wished for makeup kits, soft toys,Jewellery beads, art and craft kits and their favourite dolls.


Hamleys stands unique with an idea of “Letter to Santa” where kids were to write a wish in a letter and drop it in the letter box. Santa will chose the most interesting wishes and visit the kids house with their surprise gifts. Sounds amazing as it’s surely an effort by the store to make the kid enjoy the spirit of Christmas.


Siddhant also wrote down his wish of a Yellow Jaguar. I asked him why a yellow colour, upon which he said that yellow symbolises friendship and cars are my best friends. An intelligent thought process I must say!!!

Kids always follow the style statement their parent carry, keeping in mind Hamleys organized a tattoo workshop for kids.The tattoos were crafted beautifully in various designs in imported black colour ink from USA ensuring high quality so as to suit the tender skin of the little ones. Siddhant chose dolphins and was really excited to see them giving the final shape.


Hamleys Christmas Celebrations didn’t end here. There are more pages to turn. Hamleys gives emphasis on art and craft activities to inculcate innovative skills. The sticker making activity involved kids playing with different colours and shapes. Siddhant chose to make a sticker in form of a Cat and was totally engrossed selecting colours and decorating his little cat shouting Miaau Miaau!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2.10.22 pm

Kids were involved in making of Snowman and Christmas Tree using glitters, pasting stars and using their imaginative power decorating to the most beautiful form.

In every corner of the Hamleys store something special was packed for kids be it the peek-a-boo house or foot play piano, kids were having a gala time. In other words it was not lesser than any kids carnival with all the fun filled activities.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2.09.56 pm

Hamleys is also offering discounts on various products to keep up the zeal of Christmas, so you tend to enjoy more and pay less. Hamleys has also started the Loyalty Card, which from a long time most of the customers demanded.


When the time came to leave the store, Siddhant asks me a question in an innocent tone,”Can we come again tomorrow, Mom?”. I am sure that every kid will have this question in mind when he visits Hamleys, because they have made everything so special and beautiful to fulfil the desires of young ones that they feel its their own ‘Dreamworld’.

Review Credit: Sonal Gupta

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