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Motherhood- a bliss with big responsibilities

Motherhood is no less than a blessing for a lady. My life completely changed after giving birth to Kiara. It is a bliss yet it comes with great responsibilities. Being a client servicing professional with an Advertising agency is a tedious task for a young woman who has recently become a mom. Late evening meetings, lengthy presentations, and sharp skills to make creative team understand client’s brief requires lots of patience and positive temperament. I really struggle hard with time investment for my little angel’s upbringing. It is tough to maintain a right balance between career and motherhood but what I am doing today is for my child’s better upbringing. Just after giving birth to Kiara, I was surrounded by a lot of curiosity raised by my relatives and friends that how am I going to cope-up with my career and the journey of motherhood. To bargain between the two was very difficult, one being the dream with which I have been raised up all my life and the other being my daughter, the most important part of my life. But I was very certain that I am not going to compromise in any circumstance whatsoever when comes to my child’s bright future and would like to give her the best amenities and facilities from her initial upbringing stage itself. Continue Reading

Lifestyle‘, the brainchild of Mrs. Urvashi Sarda and Mr. Madhusudan Sarda, is a blessing in disguise for every kid. Mrs Urvashi Sarda, being a mother of a daughter and a son, could understand the need of a concept of Toy Library. She believes that ‘Books and Toys’ be child’s best friends, unfortunately which in present scenario is taken over by mobile phones and televisions. is actually a well fabricated thought to gift every child the moments where they discover, explore, smile, play and learn. Continue Reading


Each child will be made to feel like a star at Flick Kids Salon

Flick Kids Salon– This new baby of Deepika Khaitan and Sanjana Nath ensures that you can conveniently expect nothing less than superior service with warm and experienced stylists who are committed to making the experience a FUN and pleasant memory for all. Both of these young and vibrant entrepreneurs embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with Flick basis a unique idea of opening a strictly-for-kids salon. Continue Reading