Summer has finally said adieu and autumn has knocked the door step. Irrespective of the season, there are certain things that remain the same. But, your wardrobe and your makeup kit needs revamping after each season so that your skin gets the pampering it needs. Since each skin type differs, precaution should be taken that the product that you choose sync well with your skin tone and that it does not create any allergy as well.

The kind of makeup that you used during the summer is entirely different from the ones you are set to use during this autumn season. If you had used only less moisturizer and more of sunscreen during the summer, the autumn demands more of moisturizer and less sunscreen. Check out for the 10 makeup essentials to make you look stunning this autumn, giving you a flawless skin…



It is the time to pamper your skin with moisturizer or cold cream as the season can make your skin become a little rough, dry and scaly. Use cold cream twice or as required daily to get your skin the needed moisturizer, so that it stays soft, smooth and young all the time. Remember to apply them even with your makeup as a base so that your skin does not get too much dry. Buy branded moisturizers at affordable rates from Flipkart.



Foundation is one of the most important makeup essentials during any season. It is the base for all kinds of makeup. Apply a little of foundation all over your face, neck and spread them evenly with your finger. That gives you a more finishing rather than applying with brush or sponge. Make sure that you do not overdo the makeup as you do not need much of them during the season as it might look heavy. A slight makeup is all what you need after all during this season.



Concealer is yet another makeup essential that is unavoidable. Your skin needs to hide all those dark circles and blemishes that can make you look older. There are chances that your skin becomes drier during this season. So, make sure that you hide all these with a concealer for the right look.

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BB Cream

Now, if you do not wish to apply foundation nor the moisturizer, you can opt for the BB creams that are available in the market. Choose your brand and this product will solve most of your concerns. It will make you look visibly fairer instantly, concealing your blemishes, dark circles and even the fine lines.


Natural Blush Or Bronzer

Natural blush can give you a better look, highlighting your cheekbones. Choose any dark shade for this season rather than choosing lighter shades. The climate will ultimately make you look darker so be careful with the colors you use.

If you are not comfortable with blush, bronzer can help you in getting you the perfect look you want.


All over Highlighter

Allover Highlighter can be used to give a clean perfection to all your makeup instantly. It enhances your complexion making it brighter, accentuate the features you would like to highlight and even it has the ability to hide the lines and wrinkles from your face, that makes you aged! You get a luminous look.



Mascara is something that is needed to make your eyes more beautiful. Use a spoon or a card against applying mascara so that you get an evenness of the applied liquid on your eyelids. Use mascara of different colors that suits the season to bring in a difference. Buy mascaras online from Paytm at reasonable rates.


Eye Liner

Eyes define the beauty of your face. So, it is always important to highlight the eyes in such a way that it makes your face more enhanced. You can use different color shades that suit the mood and the season. Brown, black and any bright shade can help in giving good looking eyes.


Lip Gloss/Lip Liner

A lip gloss or a lip liner will be fine for the season. Too much of lipstick can turn out to be a spoiler ultimately if you use them always. Instead, use lip gloss or lip liner for regular use and use a lipstick for any function or night parties.


Compact Powder

Be it any season, compact powder is the most needed makeup essentials in your kit. Choose the one from your preferred brand that suits your skin tone and then damp it evenly on your face and neck for a perfect finish.


Some of these products might not be an essential to a set of people who have an oily skin or any skin allergy. Use products according to the skin types and enjoy this autumn season!

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