As I entered Dr. Kubba’s skin clinic I saw the fashionista Dr. K dressed in red and beige with spelt passion and play. He also donned a colourful belt, which clearly showed how enthusiastic and alive he is. He spoke about style and colour and he is a food lover just like I am.


The interiors of the clinic showed his love for the finer things in life.  The foundation of the building was laid by Dr K and his brother who is also a doctor. He wore lavender and looked quite nice. I noticed colours because colours can tell you a lot about person. Moving on to the clinic, the interiors had been done quite tastefully and the clinic was shining like the sun, earth and moon. The doctor spoke about American and British fashion. He is a very good orator.


The event was about Thermage, which is a non-invasive technique of skin tightening and contouring used by 2500 doctors worldwide to help smooth, tighten and contour skin. This leads to a naturally younger looking appearance without any surgery, injections and little to no downtime. Dr K showed us pictures of the treatment in progress, he also showed us before and after pictures which were quite impressive. This treatment is linked with the reduction for wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead. This also redefines and contours the jawline and the chin area. It is also meant to sculpt the body and a lot of problem areas of the body. Patients are treated with a lot of care and compassion. They are asked to review “before” pictures and they’re also shown pictures of their face and body after the treatment to review results. They’re also asked if the treating temperature of the machine suits them and if they’re comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

Face Treatment

As we age the collagen in our skin breaks down and results and wrinkles and sagging skin, this treatment uses patented radio-frequency (RF) technology to safely heat the underlying layers of skin, stimulating existing collagen and promoting collagen growth for younger looking skin.

It was evident to us that the doctors are extremely qualified and very cooperative. The work atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. The doctors continuously encouraged their attendants and attendants in turn showered love, care, concern and affection towards their patients. Dr K’s wife herself is a very qualified and experienced doctor. She was dressed like Dr Barbie in pink and white with elegant pearls in her neck and a hair dazzled with white beams.

Dr. Girish Sahni was also available that day to discuss medical details, questions and concerns with all of the guests present there.


Moving back once again to the clinic, Dr. K’s clinic is a vision! It has original art, ceramics, earthen pots, books, etc., it has been extremely tastefully and creatively designed and exhibits harmony and peace. The kitchen instantly grabbed my attention and I became a fan of Dr K’s aesthetic sense and style.

We were then made to sit comfortably and on a big screen TV we were given a live demonstration of the treatment and procedure. Dr K has 27 years of experience in this field and it was a pleasure interacting with him and his wife Dr Asha. They were really warm, welcoming and affectionate people.

Thermage is the new age celebrity treatment for anti-ageing that is being used and continues to be used by famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.


During the meet I also got a chance to interact with Dr Sanjay Bhutani who is the MD of Bausch & Lomb. He told me that this business of contact lenses started in 1990. The doctor said that the company is driven by a pioneering spirit to explore new frontiers in science and technology. With a diversified product portfolio and robust growth plans, the company plans to offer the most innovative effective and cutting edge technology products in the market to meet the needs of today’s highly fashion & beauty conscious Indian woman.