I was really excited for the S&S Trunk show which was held on 4th July at The Mansion, Hyatt Regency. The creators & the establishers of the Trunk show Sonam Pall and Shreya Dalmia Agarwal gave a platform to budding as well as established artists & designers to showcase their art, culture, tradition, hard work & their skills of craftsmanship.

The trunk show was very well organized & arranged and I got the chance to see the rare designs of luxury shopping saturated in this era of the fashion fraternity like Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, Bally, Porsche Design, Jimmy Choo, Furla, Alexander McQueen, Dior Kids, Baby Ralph Lauren , Armani Junior, Prada, Ted Baker, Fendi, Baby Fendi, Outhouse and Valliyan amongst many more.


Everything was beautiful, luxurious, shining, colourful & sparkling. All were out on the palette at the trunk show that got me in love & yes like a chocolate I dug into the temptation of buying a golden necklace.


Now to talk about the conceptualizers of the trunk show- Sonam & Shreya; they did their MSC Finance from Warwick & worked in their family business & handled it for 5 years. Finally they wanted to become young & successful entrepreneurs so vibrantly launched S&S and started doing exhibitions first for the Pakistani designers & now the luxury shopping expedition i.e. the S&S Trunk show speaking of style, panache & quality in each well tailored piece. They were amazingly dressed & I loved talking to them as they were polite, humble, down to earth & very lovely girls.

Shreya Dalmia Agarwal & Sonam Pall

Shreya Dalmia Agarwal & Sonam Pall

The S&S Trunk show showcased its 15th season this time and 70 Indian & international brands were at display for us to see & decide what suits our pockets. There were a lot of designs to choose from the royal & the aristocratic to gothic and what not! It was a paradise for shopping lovers like me.

Kartika Bali Malhotra, Director- Quest PR, the female with lots of spontaneity was great at handling the show with her PR skills and handled the event well putting up a great show.


Rupali Grover & Kartika Bali Malhotra from Quest PR

All girls were elated & delighted with happiness to see the glitterati and clothes in the domain as this was a woman’s world of dressing, motivation & spirits with colors and lots of sparkle dusty effect like the fantasy world in front of your to be thy guiding light as their hard work & hands speak a lot about the creativity so hook yourself.


Speaking on the occasion, Co-Founders Sonam Pall and Shreya Dalmia Agarwal said, “Our aim is to expose more and more people to the glamour and joy of trunk show shopping. We firmly believe that it is not only the product but also the ambience and retail experience we provide that makes shopping at our shows the mood boost that it is.”

The high tea party at The Mansion made me happy because fashion has always interested & inspired me so all the girls, the gossips, the accessories, the clothes, the shoes, the prints- I captured them all with the expressions in my camera. They were all budding fashionistas in the making hiding behind. I loved sipping the green tea with a dash of lemon, the brownie for dessert and the creamy tomato leafy sandwich which was superb. To top it on the flavour of chicken smoked me to try coffee (dark) which I made & added milk and very less raw sugar just for taste.


The duo of Sonam & Shreya were going to Ludhiana next for more extravaganza and glamourous fun exhibition.

So from now on, I will make it a point to visit the S&S Trunk show every season & yes the trunk shows are very important fashion inventors be it on any scale.

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