The Bridal Diet is a book to grab irrespective of the fact if you are getting married or not, published by Random House India & written by Nishi Grover. It made me feel nostalgic and took me to the time when I got married and tried shedding those extra kilos. I still don’t know if my strategy was right or wrong but yes, what I learnt from the book was quite exciting. Firstly I would like to confess that after reading this book I quite admire the author as I read her life story. She was detected Type I diabetes when she was 4 and any kid her age would have been disheartened to not being able to enjoy the candies as her friends used to do. She overcame this and became a top dietician. Kudos to her!! The book effectively encapsulates the intricacies involved in weddings these days and what the bride goes through. Every girl wants to look perfect on her D-Day and involves herself in a series of weight loss experiments without thinking of the ill effects. Not only does the book gives you the perfect diet plan according to your goal but even series of exercises for different problem areas – from flabby arms to tummy, butts and legs.

Key things that I learnt from the book:

• Eating at the right time will solve 90% of your weight problems
• Sleep deprivation can cause heart disease, heart attack, high BP, Diabetes, kill sex drive, age your skin, makes you forgetful, lead to depression, cause weight gain
• From sunrise to noon, our metabolism rate is at its highest. This is also the time of the day when we are the busiest. So whatever you eat during this time, you will burn easily. After noon, our metabolism rate slows down even further, almost grinding to a halt by night-time. By sunset, our body is not ready to receive any more food. This is the time when our body is processing the day’s intake and readying for elimination the next day. So it is only wise to stop eating and loading the body
• You are better off eating moderate portions of all types of food including a few treats here and there rather than piling your plate with a lot of healthy foods
• The only way to loose weight is by cutting down on your portions of carbohydrates, obviously supplemented by exercise
• A doctor’s check up is vital before beginning any diet or workout programme. We can never be thoroughly aware of the tiny immaculate workings of our bodies. And we’re not supposed to either. A few things to check:
o Blood pressure
o Blood sugar
o Hormone tests such as TSH and FSH
o Complete blood count
o Liver Tests
• Drink a lot of water. Not drinking enough water is another cause of water retention. The body holds onto water, and if you’re not drinking enough water, it’ll hold on to whatever is already in
• What you should concentrate on is make your body shape look as flattering a possible and highlighting your best parts. It’s a time tested fashion Industry secret and it works like magic if you add confidence to the mix
• A good stretch at the start and end of your workout routine will reduce muscle injuries and provide the benefits of an increase in flexibility and joint range of motion, correct exercise posture and relaxed muscles
• A routine can become boring. Alternate your regular workout with something new, like joining a dance class or going for a trek. You’ll begin to love working out and gradually make it a part of your life
• An average active man needs upto 3,000 calories a day, compared to an active woman’s 2200 and his metabolism is 10 to 15 percent faster, which means he can put away bigger portions and not gain an ounce
• A healthy and happy person can achieve more than someone who isn’t.

Delicious recipes across soups, salads, mains & deserts which are given in the book will make your diet even more fun. One smart thing in the book was the sneaky shortcuts or smart dressing techniques which help you hide the fat on your problem areas.

So if you want to achieve your dream figure, go ahead and grab this book as it’s got the perfect combination of weight loss tips. I am definitely making my way to the kitchen to make those exciting low calorie dishes and shed my weight by EATING them and exercising. I know it all now. Thanks Nishi!!

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