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Restaurant Review: Hunter Valley, Gurgaon

Sitting amid the plush and upmarket location of Sector-29 in Gurgaon, Hunter Valley starts each day in what is the region’s most delightful craft brewery. Every beer they make is a reality conferred by the belief of visitors who praise what they do and what they offer. Everyday they constantly strive to challenge people’s perceptions about beer, and to evolve and push the boundaries of brewing, their equipment, and themselves. Everything and everyone at their brewery is focused on one thing and one thing only; making the best beers they possibly can as they look to put the passion, the choice and the artisan craftsmanship back into people’s beer glasses. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality and taste of what is in your glass. The brewery occupies a unique position in the beer industry, brew authentic Belgian beer using four ancient types of fermentation. They also host fantastic regular events where you can often meet big names in the craft beer community as well as sampling their beers. Continue Reading


Restaurant Review: Quaff, DLF Cyber City

Looking for a place to enjoy a relaxing evening after a long, hectic day at work… a day of celebration… or simply for a change from the oh-so-typical hangouts in NCR… Quaff is the place to be. Situated aptly distant from the hustle-bustle and providing you and your gang your space, this place is a must checkout for its offerings.

Accommodating 40-50 outside and an approx. 125-130 inside, the space can be soon known as your “adda” going forward. The seating outside is casual and inside more chic and retro (all hard-wood seating without cushion needs a mention though!).

The first thing you notice once inside is their big bar counter, almost extending from one end to the other, hosting an elaborate assortment of international spirits. (And, by elaborate, I really mean elaborate – You can actually gasp looking at such a collection. Hats off to the creator!). Right behind the bar is the microbrewery made well visible via a big see-through glass, just to give you a feel that you are at the right place to Quaff. The place has been designed so as to accommodate the maximum without giving a house-full cluttered feel. Each sitting place has a uniqueness of its own. The lighting is apt – not too low for you can’t recognize who’s sitting next to you and not too harsh that you wear your shades inside and not seem out of the crowd. All in all, a decently built place. Continue Reading