The Joint Cafe, situated in the happening location of Galleria market, Gurgaon is probably one of the best breakfast options not just in Gurgaon but the entire NCR. This pint sized cafe is tucked away in a sleepy corner of the Galleria market but locating it is hardly a tough task. As mentioned, JC is not huge and has seating only for 12-15 people, on weekends this place tends to get crowded pretty fast so you’re better off heading there as early as possible (or plan for a few minutes wait). The Joint cafe offers a wide range of cuisines in breakfast: American, Italian, French and Indian. “The Joint Cafe is just 2.5 year old” says Vikrant Singh Mathur, our energetic host of the evening & the founder of The Joint Cafe.

This exotic English premier style little cafe is already famous for its Best Burgers. The wooden décor is warm and walls are adorned with many framed pictures of Bob Marley, Flag of Arsenal, Kickass poster etc itself says its story. Little sticky notes of appreciation on every table tell you how much the founder is passionate.


For me, the best offering of Joint Cafe is their breakfast spread with the Croque Monsieur being the pick of the pack. It is just what the name suggests: Grilled German Rostbratwurst Sausages Served alongside bread slices baked with Chicken Ham. Original English Cheddar Cheese & Creamy Bechamel sauce topped with a Single Fried Egg made the whole dish a complete meal. Finishing the entire Croque Monsieur is no mean feat, so it should only be ordered if you’re feeling up to the task. In case you’re a vegetarian there are also suitable options available.


While the breakfast is a good bet, the Greek Omelette here is also spectacular. The menu entry which describes the dish is very simple but the actual dish couldn’t have been in starker contrast: it features a omelette made of 4-5 eggs, is liberally stuffed with cheese, spinach & mushrooms and finishing up one requires as much resolve as the English breakfast. The Greek Omelette is best enjoyed while it’s hot with the cheese oozing out at every bite, once it cools and the cheese starts to congeal, finishing this behemoth gets really difficult.


The Hot Mama Burger form the burger section was Juicy Lucy chicken patty melted with English cheddar topped with traditional sambal gouda, french brie slice, homemade chili relish and caramelized onions.The dish was enough for two persons making the tummy full to the core.


Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup was rich and creamy with the goodness of tomato blended with the right herbs. The perfectly toasted bread with a slight crunch was a good accompany for the soup.

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In the end we craved to try the coffee and thus ordered cappuccino in hazelnut flavour. The coffee as well was aromatic and well brewed. 🙂


I will recommend trying The Joint Cafe’s burgers which are the best in the town; these are decently price in terms of quality and quantity. Overall it is a super amazing place, small yet fancy, I love the concept of quotes and stuff written by the visitors and kept under the glass of the table. I am definitely going back again.

Review Credit: Mansi Chawla

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