A magnetism & charming young personality going richer & deeper with age is always what you want. So this bold & passionate So Fever Him Eau de Toilette by Oriflame is pure eroticism with piri piri pimento, geranium bourbon and fiery Ginger wood that means you have a spicy, woody, sophisticated & rich fragrance to rule his senses.


It is filled in a transparent cubicle bottle with an interesting click cap with magnetism & boldness, intensity & character speaking volumes when you spray on your personality to bring out the best side in you.


It brings out the enigma & erotic desires of affluent spices of rich & luxurious passion & play with the ginger. The fragrance is warm with the after notes say 5-6 hours holding on to the subtle woody spicy blend. It’s an aristocratic spicy mix to fever up your senses and escape out to an evening full of passion & rhythm, solitude & peace of whatever you wear and the inner heat of your inner desires & passionate heart blending with the body temperature & temperament.

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