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Oriflame’s EcoBeauty: Rediscover naturally radiant skin

What happens to your skin when you travel or when the season changes? It becomes itchy, harsh and rough. When I travelled from Delhi to Thailand, my skin experienced similar ailments. To protect it from sudden season change (Delhi being cold at that moment to Thailand being pleasant), I had Oriflame’s Eco Beauty range to my rescue which is made from natural ingredients like cornflower sunflower, rose chamomile, evening primrose oil, aloevera, lingonberry and sea buckthorn to protect your skin. Launched in January 2017, it aims at protecting and keeping the skin natural and glowing. Continue Reading


So Fever Him by Oriflame

A magnetism & charming young personality going richer & deeper with age is always what you want. So this bold & passionate So Fever Him Eau de Toilette by Oriflame is pure eroticism with piri piri pimento, geranium bourbon and fiery Ginger wood that means you have a spicy, woody, sophisticated & rich fragrance to rule his senses.

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So Fever Her by Oriflame

A wild, sexy, fresh dissolution in a sexy provocative bottle of So Fever by Oriflame with a seductive blend of crisp blackcurrant, sultry sweet & mild sandalwood notes blended with hot & flaming wildest untamed Ginger making your personality shine & become attractive with every high note & every caress and whiff of it. Continue Reading


True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum by Oriflame (Review)

Tired of using serums and creams that are oily & greasy on the skin? Here’s your solution- the new True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum with Silk Tea Extract by Oriflame which comes in a sky blue packaging. The bottle has a push button nozzle which when pressed oozes out a luxury silk crystal white pinkish velvet serum. Continue Reading


“My Red” by Oriflame

Who doesn’t want to smell sexy, captivating, alluring & sensuous? So here’s a perfume which will capture all your heart notes with its amazing Red Jasmine fragrance- My Red by Oriflame. Continue Reading