There is a little secret that I would like to tell you. Every year when millions of Indians are happy about the Festival of Lights it’s one of the most dreadful time for me. Though I love the festivities, the lights, sweets etc. but there is one thing which worries me- pollution. While most of us burst crackers, and the light instantly brightens up our faces but at the same time also leaves our lungs in a bad shape. 

I being an asthma patient go through a lot of trauma and I am sure, like me, there are millions of people who have various breathing or respiratory problems which aggravate during this time of the year. However, I also have some good news to share, which has helped me getting some relief this season and I am happy to share the same with all of you. I recently got to know of a technologically advanced air purifier called Honeywell Air Touch. The product has three stage advanced filtration system that removes more than 99% pollutants. The Award Winning designed product (Silver A Design Award Winner) has a Pre Filter that removes larger dust particles. It’s patented HiSivTM filter with a unique honeycomb design removes formaldehyde, toxic gases & odour. It also has a low noise of operation with built in sleep mode that ensures sound sleep along with Smooth Touch Panel Controls. With an Easy and quick – ‘Do it yourself’ filter replacement, the ‘Ozone Free’ Air Purifier has Approximately 3000 hours of filter life and a Capacity of PM 2.5 Clean Air Delivery Rate Capacity: 300 m3/hour. It has an 18 month replacement warranty and includes an Air Purifier, set of 3 filters and Product Manual. The low power consumption product consumes 52W at highest fan speed and 7.5W at lowest fan speed.

Considering the quality of air we breathe, the air purifier did wonders for me this time of the year and I am sure will help me throughout the year. Did you know that Indoor Air is 5 times more polluted than Outdoor air? Carpets and other furnishings which keep your home warm and cosy also harbour allergens, dust, and bacteria. Gas stove emits nitrogen dioxide & carbon monoxide, each of which can exacerbate various respiratory ailments. Your adorable fury pets unintentionally bring in a lot of allergens. While we can never do away with them, we can alleviate all of this. Thanks to the Air Touch purifier!

The purifier is available at Amazon. It’s an investment that will give you returns everyday by helping you breathe everyday. After all that’s the most vital thing for us humans to live. So go ahead and make tour world more beautiful and lively.

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