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Mi Air Purifier: Our investment this festive season!

Imagine a Diwali full of lights, diyas, candles, rangoli, crackers, and fresh air. While the first 5 things is what we experience every year but the last thing is something that is difficult to manage. We love the festivities and crackers but what we don’t realize is how it’s harming people who have chest congestion or asthma. This time was even worse for most of us because of the smog. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution causes more than 3 million deaths a year and India is among the two most-polluted countries in the world. The Ministry for Science and Technology in India described the air quality after the festival celebrations in Delhi as “severe”. Continue Reading


Honeywell Air Touch helped me breathe this Diwali

There is a little secret that I would like to tell you. Every year when millions of Indians are happy about the Festival of Lights it’s one of the most dreadful time for me. Though I love the festivities, the lights, sweets etc. but there is one thing which worries me- pollution. While most of us burst crackers, and the light instantly brightens up our faces but at the same time also leaves our lungs in a bad shape.  Continue Reading