Now ChicLifeByte will talk of spices & the food which I personally love (Punjabi food addict). Amidst the glitter & the brands of Select Citywalk, there stands tall the only Spice region called the Gulati Spice Market which is always full with people & the food, warmth & the village like mitti wala feel because of the warm colours (earthen) used inside the restaurant with lots of jars of spices & bottles and sacks of whole laal mirch kept which every food addict will love. Can’t say more coz I love the place & the music with lots of chic lamps on the top of the table, giving more light & a comfortable plus warm area to dine. There are burnt orange sofas & red chairs inside and at the entrance those big round water filled earthen pots with flowers in them gives a nice feel (peace & divine feel). They even have an open kitchen & it’s amazing to see all the chefs with their chef hats and their responsibility to serve good food & all the waiters in black attire & cooperative enough to ask & serve every dish.


Spice Market as Sumit Gulati, the owner of the restaurant says was opened to bring the culinary gems from across India which usually we don’t find a place on most restaurant menus in Delhi. The concept is based on spices from different regions of India.

The night started with a complimentary welcome drink which was Phalse ki Shikanji. I not only loved the drink but also loved the pinkish red colour. It was a great start to the meal.


Next came the papad & chutneys in red, orange & green colour. Red being the beetroot which looked tempting coz of the colour but it was a little sweet though healthy. Next was Tomato Garlic (orange) which was spicy, tangy & had a strong flavour of garlic. The green one was the Mint Chutney which had a yoghurt consistency & minty taste. We were also served masala onions in a chini mitti bowl & a mix of papads. The papads were very crisp and we relished & enjoyed them before starting with the actual dinner.


The Papdi Chaat which is a street food favourite had generous quantity of papdi which made me happy & was a delight with lots of fresh curd in it. Pomegranate was used as garnishing which added more freshness. The papdi chaat was good & not spicy at all.


For the starters, we had Makai Seekh. Who thought Seekh kebabs could be made with corn? I honestly haven’t tasted or seen Makai Seekh anywhere else except here. They were very soft & melted in the mouth. It’s a must try with the velvety & soft texture. The taste was unforgettable!


The second starter we had was the Paneer Tikka which were served in toothpick sticks with yellow, red & green capsicum. The paneer was cooked to perfection & was very soft and lovely with all the spices marinated on each piece. It was a wholesome satisfactory delight.


For the main course, we ordered Dal Makhani which came in a copper vessel with lots of cream melting flavours & spices. It was delicious with the goodness of the pure Punjabi flavour in the bowl.


The Kadhai Murgh Masaledaar was marinated with lots of spices, capsicum, tomatoes, onions & the chicken was juicy & soft.


For the breads, we had Butter naan, Pudina paratha & Roomali roti.  The butter naan was very soft layered with butter. The Pudina Paratha was layered with pudina & was nice. The Roomali Roti was very soft & I loved it!


The meal ended with Moong Dal Cigars. They were basically moong daal halwa filled cigars with rabdi & khoya at the base served in small glasses. It was a perfect ending to the meal.


I remember the chefs cooking in the open kitchen making it a memorable experience to dine with the quality of food meeting the bar of Indian standards and the taste. There’s a lot of innovative stuff on the menu they try to bring & incorporate. You will feel all the warmth with the food still ruling your senses making you want more.  You are sure to have a wonderful & amazing time because of hospitality & the cooperation you receive, gift of food senses that these people are bestowed with, the amazing creativity that they allow & as a result the end product is so yummy & delicious at your table. It will be difficult to resist the aroma & flavours and you will want to break your diet plans & binge only here as you will surely be satiated with the mirch & masala of the culinary world of spices & will love the place when you are out of the glass door.

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