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ChicLifeByte’s food journey with Coolpad Mega 2.5D!

Food September 18, 2016

People eat to live but we live to eat and ChicLifeByte’s main motive is to tell you the best places to eat or rather the best things to eat at each place! So when we were asked to do a food blog post for Coolpad, I thought of exploring different types of places- luxury, premium and street food. Afterall, we all have different tastebuds and requirements!

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Restaurant Review: Gulati Spice Market, Saket #RnMOnAskMe

Food September 6, 2015

Now ChicLifeByte will talk of spices & the food which I personally love (Punjabi food addict). Amidst the glitter & the brands of Select Citywalk, there stands tall the only Spice region called the Gulati Spice Market which is always full with people & the food, warmth & the village like mitti wala feel because of the warm colours (earthen) used inside the restaurant with lots of jars of spices & bottles and sacks of whole laal mirch kept which every food addict will love. Can’t say more coz I love the place & the music with lots of chic lamps on the top of the table, giving more light & a comfortable plus warm area to dine. There are burnt orange sofas & red chairs inside and at the entrance those big round water filled earthen pots with flowers in them gives a nice feel (peace & divine feel). They even have an open kitchen & it’s amazing to see all the chefs with their chef hats and their responsibility to serve good food & all the waiters in black attire & cooperative enough to ask & serve every dish.

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