Deco window, a home décor brand that is famous for decorating your windows & house with superior and fine curtain cloth and those tie backs, hold backs & the oh so sexy tussles. Deco window’s products were exhibited at Heimtextil India held at Pragati Maidan from 25-27 June, 2015.

Deco window  is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online , buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors.

In the scorching & melting heat of June, we got the pleasant & fresh look of their products. I touched their USP (Unique selling proposition) that was their trims, laces & fringes i.e. the Coral fringe which was the super trim slim lace then the Tussle fringe which was the hanging trim- so beautifully made & the quality so in house & fine. There was also the Bullian Fringe with long brushes and Tassel fringe with pom pom ball effects. I particularly loved the flower tassel fringe rope because it was very lacy, elegant & beautiful like a string of flowers. They also had automatic rods which could be operated with one remote i.e. one single remote for 6 rods together in a dining hall perfect for a cozy dinner.


Coming to the Deco Window line, they have Double Rod with sheer curtains at the back & remaining at the front, matching any window – even the shed window alternative. They have extended rods from 36 to 66 inch and 52 to 144 inch for the curtains which were so good & shiny and texture perfect for the dressing of your rooms be it aqua blue, the ambers, the chocos, the plain browns and reds. They were elegant and some majestic & old royal inheritance touch was also rich, classy & superb if you really want a warm & earthy living room which filters light, the natural aura, and all the colors of harmony with you and of your home interiors. There is modern and traditional collection available in the curtains.

They also have a 5 piece bedding set which comprise of 2 shams (the big & long pillows on the bed),2 filled cushions & 1 quilt. All of them were very appealing and graceful to the eyes. They really caught my attention & I touched the pieces, the stitches and the work which was perfect with the matching tones making your bedroom sophisticated with a torch of excellence and finery in your living spaces.


Then there were special bed covers made for the festive season for specific occasions which make excellent gifting options and a treasured memory of possession.

Overall their collection is affordable & they target the younger generation which are their market niche category. So this target category is sure to hit the market and who knows it maybe loved internationally as well since their curtain rods are unique & royal be it the acrylic satin silver, roman bronze, gold antique matt or the chakra black matt. Each of them are priced differently & are available in 32 mm, 19 mm and the 25 mm double rod sets. All the goods are quality marked & assured and they clearly satisfy all needs of the customers.


So it’s the interior of your house that makes you decide the fabric of the curtain, the selection of the rod, the size, the design, the fabric along with that the matching bed sets. I could see myself drooling on a white pillow so soft feathery & light that I wanted my head on it for some time.

They also have garden torches (Pack of 4 torches) with the 60 inch torch and 44 inch torch for your verandah with a recommended oil in the torch which is torch oil(paraffin oil). Jazz up your homes in style that Deco homes says with a smile coz one look at the collection makes you fall in love and you want to feel and get the richness to your homes with a cheer & joy in your life making festivals more meaningful and gifting an art you will be loved for and complimented after.


So now with Deco Window, let your homes speak class and the colours harmony & contentment and hope for the elements weave the magic bond of togetherness and make a solid structure that is home.

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