My great fondness for Italian food led me to Pacific Mall’s Spaghetti Kitchen. Soon, the manager Sujit & Chef Ajay Kumar greeted me very warmly and as I entered the restaurant I could smell the air of freshly made Italian food.


The menu was very interesting. I ordered the Mint & Melon mocktail & the crushed ice Pomegranate mocktail. Both were quite refreshing & very good to taste with the mint and pomegranate bringing much needed freshness in this searing heat.


For the starters, we started with Cold antipasti. I tried Sweet Pepper Ripieni which was basically cottage cheese stuffed in bell peppers. The dish seemingly simple had a lot of flavor to it and it definitely made me curious about the food to follow.


Then came the Char Grilled Flat Bread that was served with 4 delicious dips- baba ganoush, bessara, labnsh & garlic-cheese mousse. Other than the traditional dips, the garlic cheese mousse was my favourite – airy, spicy yet tart, great going.


Coming to the hot antipasti, I had the Supreme Di Pollo Red Pesto Chicken that was chicken supreme marinated in wine & red pesto sprinkled with seasoned crumbs & baked with lots of cheese. This was expectedly delectable, especially the red wine marination that gave it a lot of depth flavor wise.


For the main course, I went for their famous “Black Pepper Chicken” which was chicken breast marinated in herbs grilled with cracked bell pepper & roasted vegetables on an olive potato mash, at the bottom of which lay a fiery black peppercorn sauce.


Firstly, the presentation of this dish was amazing and it looked really appetizing. Secondly, although the combinations here were classic but the varied textures (creamy mash, crispy chicken and crunchy veg) was really comforting.

Then I went for Pizza Casablanca- a Moroccan spiced chicken with cumin, chillies, saffron & olives. It was cheesy, innovative & a great fusion of flavours.


For the pastas, I had their Pappardelle Pepperoni which was their homemade Pappardelle with smoked cheese & pepperoni with pink pepper corns & rotisserie mustard. This was one of the best pasta preparations ever and the dish had everything, from colour and spice to the unbeatable taste of fresh pasta.


Their other pasta dish – the Spaghetti D’Pollo was another winner. It was spaghetti tossed with fresh basil, black olives & almonds in a cheese sauce topped with smoked chicken & stone roasted cherry tomatoes.


Again the chef really knew what he was doing and the flavor profile was amazing. The balance between the rich cheese sauce and fresh basil made the dish sumptuous.


Moving over to the desserts now, I had the ubiquitous Italian favourite, the Tiramisu. It was a really good Tiramisu at Spaghetti Kitchen and I would love to have it again.


I also tried their Baked Cheese cake, which was served with seasonal fruit compote and was everything you hope a cheesecake will be.


Even their gelatos were great and had a natural taste to them. It was a perfect way to end the evening.


Spaghetti Kitchen is an Italian food lover’s paradise and even if you do not like Italian food I bet you will after giving it a try.


Location: Address: Second Floor 8/9, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi- 110018

Phone:011 6472 3474

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