This was my first visit to the KRYOLAN flagship Store at Lajpat Nagar where the famous & renowned make up artist Tara Moghaddam came from London especially for the event to showcase “New Products Launch & International Make up Trends.”


Tara is extremely talented & specializes in Fashion, Editorials Special FX Camouflage make-up & high definition.The store is full of vitality and positive energy which flows through the colours & falls and reflects on our skins.


I was delighted to see so much variety in make-up under one roof. It had everything from shadows (pearl, matte, pastel forms & concealers, highlighters, make-up, nail lacquers, high definition glossy lipsticks). The house was loaded with a spectrum & rainbow of colours. Every nook & corner has a different hue & colour. Kryolan itself is world renowned for its quality & reliability plus the make-up is long lasting & water proof.


Tara showed us girls a unique product during demonstration which was a “pre-shield barrier foam” which prevents skin from taking in the harmful effects of makeup. She presented three looks – one with purple pink & red hues, the other with green glitter stones (newly launched but still to come in India). The last one was the eye make-up which was crisp & sharp. She created mesmerizing beauties with each one, all that she presented was different and unique.


“Its been a great pleasure, working with and educating all the amazing, creative makeup artists here in Delhi. I hope my running educational seminar serves a greater understanding of the Kryolan products advanced application techniques, the innovations in high definition and the international perspective it can provide to the industry” says Tara Moghaddam.


There were new nail paints with matte effect & gloss top coats in various exciting & solid colours. The product I particularly liked was the colour wheel in eye shades as well as a small colour wheel pot in glossy lip shades. I wanted to fill my bag with all the fantasy of Kryolan town. A big thumbs up!


The silicone based lipsticks were water-proof and lasted for a good 6-8 hours. Kryolan products are extremely sophisticated and use science to provide us with what we have been looking for in make-up for ages but true art lies in the brushes & the skills of the artist, Tara Moghaddam who was the best. Mr. Pradeep Verma, CEO, Kryolan, made it possible for us to see such great talent & correct techniques in make-up which otherwise requires lots of practice & training.


The lipsticks were priced at ₹ 300 to Rs 900. There even was an eye lash wall to give a fantasy look to models. The range of foundations in various colours is excellent for concealing blemishes & making skin look smooth & lively with just a brush roll. Voilà, embrace your magical transformation.


I learnt a lot through this experience, kudos to Kryolan for hosting such a great event!