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Restaurant Review: Lanterns Kitchens & Bar, Rajendra Place

Located nearby Rajendra Place metro station, this pocket-friendly restaurant cum pub called Lanterns Kitchen & Bar is a must visit if you are around.  Owned by brothers Jasneet and Suneet Sahni, the restaurant inspired from Irish concept serves delicious Indian, Oriental, Mexican, European and fusion food.

The interiors are vibrant & emit positive energy with relaxed seating & a focus on music which is evident from their frequent live performances by well-known artists every now & then. The place is huge and looks dainty with painted graffiti on walls. In the evening it looks magical with lights. It has a distinctive styled bar & also a terrace garden. The serving dishes are specifically designed to add a surprise element.  Continue Reading


Imly, the 250 ft. long food train

Imly junction, the vegetarian food train that is when you take a trip down the train. Now let’s get started with Varun Puri’s & Vivek Bhargava’s imlyicious delicious vegetarian train journey which is a yet another dream concept called Imly. I loved the logo & the Imly drawing outside the huge 250 ft. long food train full of sweet surprises & street food at Rajendra Place specially made & designed by Varun Puri. It has a unique & chapata concept of street food of India. His dream & nostalgia came alive of following culinary traditions & habits of every country of India- the train journeys & the delicious delicacies being made available that one is born up eating the street food. I saw the glasses & plates beaming with colourful hues and the window day light & the decor that I loved with all the lovely colours on the table and the interiors done so aesthetically… so warm & welcoming, coming from the inventor & creator of a lovely idea that is direct from his heart & soul i.e. Imly. So lets see what the brainchild of Varun Puri has to offer for us food addicts. Continue Reading