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Zoe- Nutrition for life

Juices & food packed with goodness, nutrition & supplements of your daily dose of vitamins & minerals and many more trace elements… Also preservatives free, calories free, fat free & sugar plus cholesterol free. Surprised? I am talking about Zoe (meaning ‘life’ in Greek), a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand, committed to enhancing life by making nutritionally rich foods everyday, foods that will remarkably improve overall health, nutrition, happiness and well-being.

What more you can save the bottle & preserve the goodness for 3 days, drink slowly the nutrient potion of life. Zoe is solving the problem of working professionals, by providing them with healthy and nutritious in-between meal options, which are super-packed with vitamins and minerals & help the consumer remain healthy. It has the right nutrients & ingredients packed in a cool 300 ml bottle easy to hold & carry to the gym. Continue Reading


JustPressed review

Live your life in a healthy way as JustPressed now gives you immense & plenty of reasons to smile since now we have body cleansers i.e. body detoxifiers which actually work on the body, mind & soul as they relax, soothe, energize, recharge & make you doze off calmly in the night without making you feel bloated.

JustPressed™ Cold Pressed Craft Juices are 100% pure and natural with no additives at all. Especially hand crafted for a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit, their range of juices have delicate and exceptional flavour notes. Packed inside each thoughtfully produced bottle, are top-notch fruits and vegetables, in a bouquet of subtle yet distinct flavours and aromas. Continue Reading