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Myntra brings you the Latest Fashion!

Dresses Dresses Dresses, can we ever have enough of them? It’s difficult to get into our denims in the scorching heat and the best part is that they even pass off as office wear obviously they should not be over the top, after all gone are the days when we used to work in formals-clad in shirt and trousers! Continue Reading


All About You by Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone

Florals, light, breezy blacks, beachy peaches

Blues, blacks & greys

In love with herself & her dreams

Swirling in her caresses of the sky and dreaming.

Reading, laughing & enjoying on the layouts

Happily involved in the sketches of her dreams to fly

Kissing herself in the mirror & bidding goodbye

All about her style statement

And the way she wants to personify clothes

What better way to style yourself with clothes designed by leading lady of Bollywood. B-town has already taken the fashion world by storm for decades gone by and yet to come. So, when we got to know of a new collection called “All About You” by Deepika Padukone, we had to check it out. Deepika has been a fashion inspiration for a lot of us and we have seen her adorn different looks for different movies. From Veronica of Cocktail to Leela of Ram Leela, she has done it all. There has never been a second thought of her fashion sensibilities. Continue Reading