Thanks to your access which gets you information at your finger-tips, you literally use Google for each and every problem of yours. You see a big pimple on your face in morning and you turn to web for decreasing it before the big party day arrives. Your skin starts to show signs of dullness, you do the same. However, it is also easy to fall into the trap of various skin myths that are totally false. Check out the following list for finding out if you have been following one diligently:

High water quantity equals to high level of radiance on skin

You must have read numerous celebrity interviews. One popularly asked question from them is “Your secret for healthy skin” and the common answer is “Drinking tons of water”. Just so you know, water can help you lend a glow to your skin only if your body has got dehydrated, even on a mild level. The only guarantee which comes with drinking lots and lots of water is frequent visits to washroom and not a radiant skin.

Oily skin doesn’t needs a moisturizer

This is one of the stupidest skin myths I have ever come across. Shine on face is not at all related to hydration levels. By not using a moisturizer, you are making your oily skin oilier. This happens because the skin produces more oil to compensate. The trick is to use a moisturizer for your skin type. Oily skinned people should use a water based moisturizer as it is light-weight and blends in completely. There are a range of options available on Nykaa which you can check out. Don’t forget to avail Nykaa coupons to score discounts and Cashback offers on your purchases.

Exfoliate regularly

Are you new to exfoliation? Have you been exfoliating daily? Have you been wondering why your skin has become extremely dry and stretchy off lately? Well, the answer is exfoliation. The thing is that people are making exfoliation a problem for them rather than a solution. Exfoliating skin helps in removing dead cells. If you over-do it, you actually cause your skin to peel off and become highly sensitive. Indulge in exfoliating your skin only twice a week. Use exfoliators that have tiny gel beads that do the job without any harsh effect. Don’t use those that come with harsh and rough granules. Use Purplle coupons to buy exfoliators at the best prices.

Makeup harms skin

Makeup does not harms skin but if you sleep on with it, use products not meant for your skin type, use wrong product formulations and don’t keep your products hygienic; it’s definitely going to harm your skin. If you apply makeup, you have to ensure to remove it properly and never ever sleep on in it. That leads to the blockage of pores and oxygen not reaching your face which results in breakout and increase in aging process. A cleansing oil can be your best bet in removing even the tiny traces of makeup. Follow up with a gentle cleanser to not over-dry your skin.

Natural beauty products are less harming

I read on web that by rubbing lemon on blackheads area, I can decrease their frequency. Well, I did that but the opposite happened. My skin got attached with pimples and became really dry owing to the highly acidic nature of lemon. There are many natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Always look for ingredients list on the products and then proceed ahead with buying them. This way you will find out if a product is not going to work for you.

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