PizzaExpress, world’s leading casual dining & consumer brand has launched a new & refreshing menu to celebrate its 50 year journey at a warm soiree held at their outlet in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

The pizza chain has introduced new starters that include the Antipasto Verde, an assorted veg platter & the Antipasto Pollo e Gamberro, an assorted non veg platter. Pizza lovers will be thrilled to experience new recipes, especially an Italian masterpiece developed by an Indian pizzaiolo. Amore Nascosto is topped with speck ham, spicy N’duja, harissa marinated tomatoes, mozarella seasoned with pepper and oregano and garnished with fresh spinach and creamy ricotta while the II Padrino 65 comes topped with grilled chicken, chargrilled vegetables and fresh mozarella. New introductions in pasta include the Penne con Peppadew, the Pollo Pesto Baked, the LinguineAi Gambero a Pesto Rosso & the Pollo Arrabbiata.

Inspired by the love of real Italian pizza, PizzaExpress has been pioneering delicious handmade pizza since 1965.
It now operates over 500+ restaurants in 14 countries worldwide. The chain of restaurants from UK known the world over for its iconic black and white stripes, will introduce the Gurgaon foodies to their signature Romana base. To create this exceptionally thin, crisp and delicious base, the dough is stretched to perfection allowing the flavors of all ingredients to stand out.

Every pizza they serve is made fresh from the moment it is ordered by their skilled pizzaiolos. Their fresh ingredients are locally sourced & are diced fresh everyday.

PizzaExpress specialises in signature dishes in each of the categories like Dough balls in the starters, their signature romana pizzas like American Hot, Etna made in thin and crispy romana base inspired from Rome, just the way Romans do. Some of their famous signature pizzas like Calabrese inspired from the Calabria region in Italy is made from using Italian spicy sausage with rocket pesto and oregano.
The Baked Vanilla Cheesecake and mini versions of the famous dough Balls with Nutella are surely worth a try for all the dessert lovers.

The design scheme revolves around Gurgaon’s industrial revolution with influences of London’s industrial historical elements brought within the store. The raised floor of the Pizzaiolo kitchen allows the guests to see in action the tossing fresh dough keeping them engaged within the restaurant while dining. The Pizzaiolo counter fascia is back lit with hexagonal wire mesh panels. The addition of the multi mirrored screens creates the right amount of privacy yet keeping the restaurant unified. The ceiling in general is left exposed with only the center aisle having metal framed timber ceiling floating panels with suspended lights.20150828_195616

They call their front house team members as Maestros and not waiters. Their pizzaiolos undergo an intensive 12 week training program. They are also trained on every aspect of food, product knowledge & also customer relationship management. The team members from UK worked closely with team in India to establish all the processes. Their first lot of 10 Pizzaiolos were taken to UK where the to-be pizzaiolos were acquainted with the brand history, philosophy and of course the skills they require to become the pizza making experts.

PizzaExpress gave opportunity to bloggers to polish their culinary skills in pizza making and learn those perfect tips to roll out the thin crust pizza. It was an unique experience to watch the pizzaiolos dance to utmost perfection from swirling the dough in air to timely balancing on the finger tips. With appropriate choice of new entrants in the menu to addict the tastebuds of food lovers, PizzaExpress surely does have a wonderful future to follow.

Review Credit: Sonal

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