The beauty and wellness industry has always interested and inspired me in some way or the other be it a facial, massage, manicure, pedicures or simple threadwork so it was a day when I entered this amazing spa called VLCC day spa. One look at the spa and I forgot all the heat and the trauma of the day as I felt good and relaxed and wished to stay there and get all the services and benefits within the warm confinements of the spa. The ambience of the spa was very warm, earthy, peaceful & serene with all the diyas lighted in every corner be it the Buddha statue, the interiors in chocolate and caramel colours all so aesthetically done, the footprints on the walls, the lotus drawing, the pictures which reminded me of some ancient ayurveda rituals like the panchkarma and shirodhara all for relaxation of the body, mind and soul. It was a divine feeling; the enchanting bliss that u want to pamper, relax and get indulged in the sin and temptation of getting clear skin, hands & feet.

It was a blogger’s event so every blogger was given a session of their relaxing”spa clean up” which was simply awesome and true eternal bliss. I have never felt so good and relaxed and at peace while getting a facial done because before starting the facial the VLCC expert pressed my limbs which released a lot of my stress and I felt completely fresh and revived with fresh, clean and glowing skin like a winter cherub all thanks to the 45 minutes procedure that made my skin come alive with a healthy shine.


We were made to see a live demonstration of the spa facial at the day care spa where the VLCC expert cleansed the face of the model very systematically and slowly with rhythm using the beautifully aromatic and fragranced VLCC products like Surya sandal, their cooling rose water and the blackhead removing procedure was done with utmost care under a white lamp with true and pure comfort to the client so that the customer goes satisfied and comes back again for more which should be first rule of every salon that is customer satisfaction and I was  satisfied myself when I took the session here.


We were also shown a live demonstration of their Rock Salt pedicure which is their own innovative creation. They used citrus sugar scrub with honey and orange peel that smelt divine. I could see the client feeling happy on the comfortable chairs and their unique bubble bath pedicure station. I could see emery boards used to file the client’s nails instead of the regular steel filer so one can’t compromise on quality in the VLCC spa that’s for sure. I was totally mesmerized and lost in the lovely dream world as the yellow light and the warm amber and earthen colours of the spa made it more beautiful and appealing and created a divine aura that enthralled and captured my senses.


The VLCC skin experts Jasmeet and Parul answered our skin queries. They talked about how facials relax, bring collagen, brighten and improve complexion, boost blood circulation and have superficial brightening and rejuvenating effect if one maintains the skin and gets it done at regular interval like a month or so. I also got to know that VLCC has a range of international products like Bellwave and Vandana Luthra’s radiant fairness range. Jasmeet, the centre head shared useful tips like the make-up removal ritual is equally important for the skin to breathe at night.


I could see the beautiful nail bar there and I got to know it is the best in South Delhi. One can drop in for gel or acrylic nail extensions which look tempting & chic and could be seen on Jasmeet’s hand that looked girly with no chipping or cracking and easily manageable even with household chores like washing and cleaning with just filling required every three weeks. The French and the glitter paints are their hot selling nail art paints which look smart, subtle, dewy and chic.


So far VLCC is best in dermatology be it skin, hair or nail- it’s all there under one roof.


The VLCC experience was very enriching and the place was sacred just like a temple to clarity and detoxify your mind, heart, soul and senses and remove all the toxins and stress accumulated during the day and experiencing it in a relaxed peaceful and calm environment. So just hit the spa when you want to be loved and pampered and relaxed and feel beautiful from inside, take the services and spend a day here, you will be charged and re-energized and full of positive energy and hope with the divine aura hangover wanting more and waiting to indulge again and the inside happiness beaming on your face as the inner soul is replenished and the outer drenched and repaired with peace and love again and again at the VLCC day care spa centre.

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