The newly opened Hybrid shines in the richness of metal & chains like the London Dungeon but never I got scared here as the Hybrid walls made a wall of fame & the Batsman wall made me more fond of the place. The interiors are hard core done with metal & bottles everywhere. I met Vaibhav, the co-owner of Hybrid who was really polite & introduced us to the Chef Tajinder.

Vaibhav told me it was Priyank’s (co-owner) idea to manage every detail especially the name HYBRID where fusion is their uniqueness. The ambience rocks in burnt orange & metal. I loved the metallic bronze & gold metal zig zag touches & chains. All the credit goes to the interior master Vivek Guha. I think he did a fab job in designing Hybrid the way it is out of the metal grind or the machine grind or the metallic copper world.


Hybrid functions on a one of kind concept & changes it ambience throughout the day. During the day it has a day fusion menu for the corporates. From 7 to 10 pm it’s a fine dine experience and later it’s a club by night.

I started with a mocktail apt for the diet conscious Kokum & Coconut Water– an excellent summer cooler. It was really sweet & refreshing. I was looking for more so ordered Watermelon & Kiwi Cooler which actually soothes in hot summers. Kiwi made a great mix of flavour & fun mixed with watermelon to freshen up your tired soul, and the next best drink Rose & Apple Cooler was very nice, soothing, cooling & refreshing.


Kokum & Coconut Water, Watermelon & Kiwi Cooler, Rose & Apple Cooler (L-R)

For the starters, I ordered Chicken Hot Basil with crispy stir fried onions. It consisted of munchy chicken & bell peppers and was cooked nicely. I loved the taste to start with.


The second item were the Dahi Ke Kebabs. The filling of the paneer inside was very soft & mushy with the outer covering being crisp. They are served along with a green minty pudina chutney which had a very good consistency (thick). Salad dressing was of a piece of orange, onions, layering of green, yellow & red bell peppers & a hot red chilli with coriander leaves & lemon.


The next offering was Basil Paneer Tikka Bites. It was served on sticks with crispy tandoori paneer layered with basil yoghurt & square bell peppers on top along with a teekha chilli dip (mesmerizing & hot). The flavour of the paneer tikka was really mild & not spicy at all so skip this one if you’re looking for something spicier.


Next on my favoured list was Tandoori chicken wings which came with onions, papad & chutney. The chicken was fleshy & cooked nicely, not messy & could be picked & had with a drink easily. The papad was uniquely cut in a square shape & placed in between the chicken. It stood out & made the dish unique & interesting. (A Punjabi favourite so must try!)


The Mutton Galouti kebabs were served with soft Malabar paranthas. The kebab was delicious, tempting, mouth watering, soft, sumptuous & delicious on the tongue. I am not really fond of mutton but this one was just out of the world. They were uniquely prepared with lot of time, practice & love with 7 spices served with red chillies, onions & pudina chutney. The mutton is seven times minced in the kebab mixed flavour of coal & ghee (very different) & maida pan fried & simmered to perfection. It was a pleasure eating it as the warm hot minced taste of mutton & lovely tender spices were all marinated & mixed together to form this secret recipe from Chef Tajinder.


Now comes the Tempura Fish n Chips which were crispy fried & hot and it was the flavour of Basa fish in tempura batter served with tartar sauce (home-made) which caught my attention. I liked & loved the flavour. It made me full in one bite coz it was juicy & amazingly hot & superbly cooked.


Coming to the main course now. I tasted their Veggie Exotica pizza which is also their best seller. The toppings were of roasted bell peppers, baby spinach, roasted mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & Bocconcini cheese. It was delicious & had a rusty, smokey, burnt & dry cooked taste.


Next were Mexicana fries (a favourite with cheesy toppings & lots of square diced tomatoes & onions). The sour cream salsa, lettuce & jalapeno added to the flavour. The fries were pretty thick to fill a big stomach. I loved the taste of it & kept eating with my fingers. It’s a must try for all ages. I say it with love all the Mexican way.


Then came the Veg & chicken dimsums in the wooden leafy basket.

The Veg dimsums were greener, tastier & healthier with more green stuffing in them. The outer covering of the maida was thick enough to hold the inside together & tasted like a green cake of goodness. The sauce tasted tangy like imli, it was sweet & spicy to an extent but had a different & unique taste.


The Chicken dimsums were good to eat & were not really spicy. The after taste was good & fulfilling coz of the thick outer coating. The inside part was warm, thick & soft.



For the dessert, there was this exotic Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was amazingly good with the brownie being really soft.


In September, the restaurant is going to launch a Chef’s special menu for people to know what’s cooking up in the restaurant for eating & drinking. The restaurant was launched on 5th June & has become very popular in a short span of time. It’s a work of excellence & intelligence powered with the best team efforts & lots of guidance with each team member motivated to excel & try anything they could bring on the new card being launched in September.

The restaurant has a way to make food that is their own style so I complement the duo Vaibhav & Priyank for making a place for voracious food lovers. Visit it for the place will make a melt coz it’s the hard work of their amalgamation which is sure to tell a story.

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