The Black burger at Barcelos, Khan Market is the talk of the town  & now comes the Red burger, which I personally favour is the heart beat of the town coz it’s red (cranberry red) made of tomato powder, chilli flakes & the best of sesame seeds in the market.

The Red burger is available in 3 variants: Vegetarian, Chicken & Lamb.


At the first look, I loved it completely and when I held it in my hands, it made my heart pound with delight & excitement as if I am having something hearty and hale just like a English dose of kiss or love bite. I fell for the flavour and loved the red colour. I cannot call the vegetarian red burger juicy because it was nutritious and packed with the goodness of beetroots and chickpeas (the patty inside). The patty is indeed potato free. So soft it was! Beetroot is really good for healthy skin & chickpeas make it more healthy a treat to be taken with the tangy or not so tangy lemony or the supa supa delicious peri sauces and some rosemary herb effect on the top for the magic to be a wholesome treat. I loved chewing and munching it like a munchkin, little by little, bite by bite.

Vegetarian Red burger

Vegetarian Red burger

The non-vegetarian (chicken) version of the burger had a patty made of fillet chicken.  It was absolutely delicious. The chef who made it put all his efforts and that is why the RED BURGER will find many followers with me the biggest one because honestly & truly speaking I love Barcelos and everybody there. So share all the good things in life and yes give a thought to the Red or the heart burger which is yummy.


Chicken Red burger

Now to tell about Rohit Malhotra, GM-Operations at Barcelos who did his hotel management from Le Meredien Hotel School of Management in Sydney, Australia. He trained for 4 years in Swiss hotels & Nando’s too. Rohit’s wife has a fascination for red colour & she was the one who gave him the idea of Red burger. I remember having the Supa peri sauce with my red sweet bun (it wasn’t sweet in taste but looked tempting and tasted delicious) and so it was the core element of South Africa, Egypt & Singapore he brought in his food, the amazing flavours and the taste of the different worlds under this restaurant called Barcelos.

Believe it or not (Ripley’s says believe it this very time), it’s the world’s tastiest & healthiest burger and the skin quintessential vitamin. The colour red spells magic and heart & the taste spells magic that has chickpeas boiled and blended to perfection with no potato bites & no binding agent.


Next, according to Rohit, on the menu will be new & different salads. Salads people have never seen! (Ssshhh- ChicLifeByte told you first).

Come here to taste the perfection of the spice & patty of the Red Burger only at Barcelos- a place which I could just visit on a stressed out day or a moody day to chill & relax with lots of ice, water, chilly and peri peri. Just try yourself, it will surely sizzle your tastebuds.

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