Today was the most fun I had out of all the days of my life as I set out on a binge trip to my favourite pizza place, Sbarro. The thought of pizza sets my mind, tongue & heart on a different algorithm – my mind reminds me of all the calories, my tongue waters at the thought of pizza and my heart craves for more.


At Sbarro I got a chance to enter this amazing contest called Man vs Pizza. The room was full of food enthusiasts and we were divided in teams of two each with one person who eats (foodie) and races to finish the pizzas and the other person who is a tech expert (techie) and who tweets maximum about the event live. Our team name was Chicken Makhani.


Now to start with we had a 17 inch pizza laid in front of us- piping hot and with molten cheese flowing so it was extremely difficult to both resist it as well as to eat it. I was able to finish half the pizza in 10 minutes leaving the other boys behind and since I was the only girl foodie I got lots of attention and had many fans cheering for me so my enthusiasm & excitement to win the contest doubled.


Then came a small breather and our plates were refilled to signal that we were still in the competition. In the end I was so tired eating the big pizza that I almost gave up. I almost ate 10-12 slices of that 17 inch stuff but I lost the match over a very few slices of that yummy pizza.


Even though I could not win the eating part but our team got the maximum number of tweets so I got a huge hamper with loads of goodies from Sbarro (Yay!) & I simply loved the t-shirt and the cap which says Man vs Pizza as it will always remind me of all the fun, the comments, the cheerleading, all the other guys who lost to me.


Sbarro have some super value meals and many varieties of pasta with the chefs preparing pastas in front of us and rolling out the dough on the counters. They also have Pepperoni pizza also which looked great. Sbarro’s famous cheesecake was indeed very tasty and I could see all others happily sharing the bites.


I really recommend all the items on the menu. I am full of excitement for going back to Sbarro again and taste many other things. Also, Sbarro will always be the place where I participated in the Man vs Pizza contest & making me realize my eating capacity 😉

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