The evening of 2nd April 2015 at Bholason’s Jewellers, Gurgaon after April fool’s day but the name associated with Gold jewellery is none other than the veteran designer Tarun Tahiliani , who besides designing clothes has now come up with an exquisite jewellery range called “Tarun Tahiliani for Azva” in 22 carat gold for the modern, contemporary, traditional, westernised women and brides. The intricate designs are a mix of tradition with a modern touch. Most of the bridal designs are inspired by the SEVEN VOWS of marriage and the seven elements are present in most of his designs.


Mr. Vipin Sharma, the Director of The UK based World Gold Council addressed the beautiful evening and spoke about Azva, the jewellery collection which is crafted and mastered under the skillful eyes of Tarun Tahiliani, the fashion maestro. All the designs were chic and full of coloured stones, gems & embellishments, which could be seen in the chokers, the haars, the necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets. The designs were antique, rich, cultural, traditional yet sexy as the jewellery.


The event was full of glitz and lights as Tarun himself was there to address the occasion and was very kind to speak about his work and dress up models during the fashion show organized to showcase his collection. The guests got a chance to interact with him and wear his creations, which became the highlight of the event.


I still can’t forget the different and extremely beautiful jewellery on the models and their elegant look when they walked with the pieces of art on them. It’s the dream of every woman to own such an exquisite piece of jewellery and it was a fantasy that got fulfilled by the fashion guru Tarun.


Commenting on this association, Tarun Tahiliani said, “In India, seven is the recurring number of holistic balance from the chakras to the pheras that solemnize a marriage. I have attempted to redefine gold- long left to languish as a commodity and bring in years of developing design into the vocabulary. Gold is exquisite on Indian skin but long out of favour for the ‘new bling’. However, as we come full circle, contemporary design mixed with the superb workmanship and creates stackable pieces that go from occasion to bridal- and breathe new life into one of the oldest and finest traditions. Artisanal, refined, intricate and intrinsic in value, we are indeed privileged to be refashioning the new gold and bringing to shine its incredible attributes in association with Azva by World Gold Council.”


In the end all the bloggers got a chance to ask Tarun about his work and experiences. It was a delight to know him as a person because he is very experienced, educated and knowledgeable in the fashion world. He spoke about how the trend has changed now and people want to experiment with new looks and not stick to one boring and old-fashioned look and gold has always been eternal with everyone. He spoke about how he got the karigars to get his ideas done on 3D and embroidered interpretations of his hard work.


Speaking about the work, supermodel Karlie Kloss sparkled in his creation at the Cannes Festival last year. She wore a head gear and sashayed on the ramp, her belt and dress which was a saree was also in Tarun’s gold creations. Even filmstar Aishwarya Rai and the famous Sharon Stone wore his creations on the ramp. He also said that it is a delight to work with Deepika Padukone. As he spoke he told us about his fondness for the epitomizing and legendary evergreen and eternal beauty Rekha saying that her simplicity makes her more gorgeous and he also spoke about how simple and elegant Maharani Gayatri Devi looked in a chiffon saree with amazing neckpieces. Even the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe with white diamonds trying to again blend India and bring the western culture with his collection.


The Azva range is available across 45 cities including Surat, Pune, Kanpur and many other cities.


To sum it up it was an exciting and interesting event & we await tons of more such events!

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