Hey its summers and who doesn’t want their skins to be dewy & fresh like a blossoming pink rose so here’s what the latest British Rose Collection by The Body Shop has for you.


Everything’s coming up roses in this British Rose range, a brilliantly British interpretation of a timeless icon of femininity. Launching in the year of their 40th anniversary, it was only natural to celebrate with bespoke blooms. Grown for The Body Shop at an environmental award-winning farm in the heart of the English countryside, the roses are hand-picked, air-dried and infused on-site into fresh mountain water. This careful extraction process is what gives us the most exceptional quality rose essence for our products.


The Body Shop British Rose collection mainly consists of a Body Scrub, Body Butter, Bath Bubble, Shower Gel, Exfoliating Soap, EDT & Hand Cream. I shall be reviewing The British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter in this post.


Indulge in dewy hydration with our first Body Butter with glow enhancing rose essence. Beautifully pearlescent, this velvety-soft moisturizer is light to the touch but rich on moisture. Non-sticky and perfect for normal to dry skin.


My views:

I could not resist but smell my skin after applying the rich body butter. The fragrance is so sexy & sensual that you fall in love with it instantly once you open the floral tub. It’s a tub of rich goodness of the beautiful British Rose flower and when you apply it on your skin you feel lovely with it’s subtle rich velvet fragrance and you bloom 24 hours keeping yourself invigorated with the fine fragrance. It feels really light on the skin too.


The British Rose Instant Glow 24 hours dewy hydration body butter (for normal to dry skin) is infused with rose essence from hand-picked roses from Britain, the roses being grown by the farmers specially in Hertfordshire, England which is 100% organically grown & cultivated without harming the nature.


I felt so soft, glowing & fresh like a rose all day along radiating the goodness of the beautiful flower captivating its true heavenly essence & blossoming from within with petal soft rosy skin. I would recommend everyone to try this awesome & rich gracious body butter from the British Rose range.

Price: INR 1095/- for 200 ml

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