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Singapore: Just click and fly!

Summers are about leaving home and exploring the world…and that’s when I started thinking of ideal summer destinations. Since I didn’t want something too hectic I thought of exploring Singapore, a small yet beautiful island country, well-known for cleanliness and safety. Afterall, Singapore is a perfect blend of culture, cuisines, arts and architecture.

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My Travelogue with Ford Aspire

One of the most important companion for a trip is the vehicle we drive in…and one which gives great look and great mileage is what I would call an ideal car! Being passionate about 4 wheelers and driven a variety of them already…from luxury to the basic ones….some self-owned, some borrowed from family and friends…This time I had to drive down to Punjab to visit a relative and I picked up Ford Aspire for the trip! The Ford Aspire has a very satisfying design when compared to its closest rivals and the vehicle has been on my hitlist for a while. Continue Reading

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Travelogue to Jim Corbett (Day 2)

So, here we are on our fun filled travelogue with updates of our adventures at Corbett Blue Sky Resort in Jim Corbett. If you missed out on Day 1, you can read it here. Day 2 started with a stroll in the green lawns and our morning cup of tea. The pleasant weather and fresh air made our morning great. It felt heavenly walking on the slightly wet grass. What a wonderful start of the day!! We also had our morning tea and sandwiches in the lawn. Having our morning tea in greenery was a different and nice experience. Afterall we Delhi wallas rarely ever see such greenery. The veg sandwiches served with the tea were nice and soft with a filling of cucumber and tomato along with butter. The chai had elaichi in it and smelled wonderful. Continue Reading