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Hwealth Cafe promises you healthy eating without compromising on the taste

Food September 2, 2016

Health, proteins, calories & burning fat are words which you would hear at a gym or a diet clinic, not at a restaurant for sure. Recently I discovered one-of-its-kind health café. Health Wealth Café (Hwealth café) located at Defence Colony, Delhi is aimed to bring about a health revolution in the country, and to provide healthy, nutritious yet affordable food.

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Zoe- Nutrition for life

Food April 12, 2016

Juices & food packed with goodness, nutrition & supplements of your daily dose of vitamins & minerals and many more trace elements… Also preservatives free, calories free, fat free & sugar plus cholesterol free. Surprised? I am talking about Zoe (meaning ‘life’ in Greek), a nutrition-first foods & beverages brand, committed to enhancing life by making nutritionally rich foods everyday, foods that will remarkably improve overall health, nutrition, happiness and well-being.

What more you can save the bottle & preserve the goodness for 3 days, drink slowly the nutrient potion of life. Zoe is solving the problem of working professionals, by providing them with healthy and nutritious in-between meal options, which are super-packed with vitamins and minerals & help the consumer remain healthy. It has the right nutrients & ingredients packed in a cool 300 ml bottle easy to hold & carry to the gym.

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Herbalife SKIN 7 day challenge

Beauty February 22, 2016

A packet landed at my doorstep & when I opened it, it had 6 magical products as if some genie had come to deliver it & made my wishes come true. I am talking about Herbalife here- the leading global nutrition company which has launched its newest skincare line Herbalife SKIN for younger & healthier plus plump & radiant looking soft glowing skin.

Herbalife SKIN products are full of pleasing aroma & blessed with nature’s dose of Vitamin B3, antioxidants Vitamin C & E and aloevera for silky, soft & beautiful skin to touch & caress and feel the young skin glow with fresh, rejuvenating aromas of all the natural blends resulting in softer, younger & smoother skin. It has long term benefits with healthy flow and shine from within with lives of stress & tension diminishing giving you more reasons to spread joy & smile.


Why “California Walnuts” are my choice?

Food May 4, 2015

Last week when I came home I found a box of Californian walnuts waiting for me. It was a pleasant surprise and it had been packed very nicely. The walnuts were in a wooden box and along with it I found a book titled “California Walnuts Nutrition and Health” by Geetu Amarnani, a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Management Consultant.

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