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Pankaj & Nidhi at #AIFWAW16

Pankaj & Nidhi the duo ready with their Autumn Winter collection at the Day 3 of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 with the military touches, the discipline & uniforms plus the authoritative march & caps and medals of military & traditions of questions in succession. Pankaj was an army so grew up surrounded by uniforms. The collection is inspired from the attire of the European cavalries of the 18th and 19th centuries during which the pomp & splendour of martial uniforms were at their richest apex.

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A welcoming food journey in a military retired colonel’s house- 38 Barracks

As they say, there’s no place like home, we entered a colonel’s home for dinner. The owner and promoter, Mr. Ankur Aggarwal personally took us for a home tour (we’re not using the term restaurant here, as the warmth and respect given to the eatery by the owner is of a military fan and respect involved).

38 Barracks is living room and a balcony of a retired colonel from military. Divided into different sections like a house, you’ll find the locker room, the living room, and balcony. They also have a small basement space for private gatherings which can cater about 50 people easily. Continue Reading