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Wow! Momo which are simply Wow!!

Food February 10, 2016

Spice, salt, pepper & now sweet momos!! This is what is special that Team ChicLifeByte saw in the variety of momos at Wow! Momo. Now for those who don’t know Wow! Momo, it is a cafe which offers different kinds of momos.

Wow! Momo offers different varieties of momos – pan fried, steamed, fried, tandoori & also dessert momos (chocolate). They have very different and nice stuffing of ingredients in their momos. What’s interesting is the different varieties of momos have different colour, size & shape. The cafe also serves Thukpas, Momo Augratin & the Moburg (the momo burger).

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Barcelos launches their second outlet in the most happening place of Delhi, Hauz Khas Village

Food January 31, 2016

Adding to the casual dining space in Hauz Khas Village, Barcelos has launched their second outlet in Delhi. The restaurant reflects a Portugal theme in the interiors and designs of the restaurant stretched in the area of 3600 square feet keeping its focus on modern and antique art. Narrating a story, every wall is different from the other depicting a unique concept of towns in Portugal. What can fascinate you the most is the 3D painting of the real streets of Portugal on a wall creating the most apt ambience of Portugal town in the eatery. The outlet typically has a two-table outdoor seating, a quick-dine space, big bar and a laid-back lounge, along with a separate smoking area and a visible kitchen. The warm colours make it well lit.

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First Preview of Levels HKV

Food September 16, 2015

As you enter Levels located above Raasta at the third floor in Hauz Khas Village, you’ll find a telephone booth and a picture of the London tower with comfortable sofas giving a British feel.

The owners Sahil & Avneesh have started this restaurant called Levels based on a unique concept of division of floors. The restaurant is 3 floored wherein each floor will have a different theme & music and you will just have to switch floors to be in the other theme. The cuisine is mostly deep American & Mexican with the burgers, enchiladas, fajitas & pastas. The interiors of the restaurant are done in black & red & the ambience added a rocking appeal the place. It’s a new concept & idea and they have introduced unique dishes on the menu for people to enjoy with the liquor & food (global cuisine).

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Restaurant Review: Maquina, Hauz Khas Village

Food August 28, 2015

I entered Maquina in Hauz Khas Village where I could the waiters & bartenders in hats & unusual costumes. I could see the bartenders juggle with the glasses which was very interesting to watch. The lights were dim & I could feel the Goan zing as everyone was rejoicing in the music which filled the entire space with lots of enthusiasm & cheers.

One look at the menu & to say it, it was 80% Mexican menu. They have a lot of Mexican starters with the main course being American. We met the New York based Chef, Chef Ajay Chamoli who has more than 10 years of experience in food making and is now in Delhi since 6 months.

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