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TheFaceShop comes to India!

Now ChicLifeByte brings to you the most prominent & loved brand across the world i.e. TheFaceShop, the South Korean cosmetic brand which is finally setting its foot in India. The company was launched in 2003 and within 4 years, positioned itself amongst the top cosmetic companies with revitalizing power to heal & cure, capturing the very essence of nature in body, mind & soul. It has presence in 34 countries with more than 2950 stores. The TFS range includes skin care, make-up, cleansing, mask, body, hair, perfume, aroma & many other personal care products for both men & women- all natural, organic, safe, innovative & high quality.

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A welcoming food journey in a military retired colonel’s house- 38 Barracks

As they say, there’s no place like home, we entered a colonel’s home for dinner. The owner and promoter, Mr. Ankur Aggarwal personally took us for a home tour (we’re not using the term restaurant here, as the warmth and respect given to the eatery by the owner is of a military fan and respect involved).

38 Barracks is living room and a balcony of a retired colonel from military. Divided into different sections like a house, you’ll find the locker room, the living room, and balcony. They also have a small basement space for private gatherings which can cater about 50 people easily. Continue Reading