Have you ever thought of eating a burger that is black in colour? Now this is what is new “it” & the talk of the town. I went to try this unique & awesome recipe called BLACK BURGER at Barcelos in Khan market.

Barcelos, started in early 90’s, came on ground in 1993 and now has about 120 outlets in 17 countries & has expansion plans to open more outlets, the Khan market one is the first in India. They plan to target high streets & luxurious malls.


The restaurant is nicely done with slogans & pictures all around and nice music playing in the background. It’s a 68-seater restaurant spread over two floors. As soon as I entered the restaurant, Rohit Malhotra, the General Manager- Operations of Barcelos, greeted me warmly. He fondly spoke about the new Black Burger concept which appealed to me as I was dying to try it myself.


We ordered the drinks- Electric blue fizz (blue buracao syrup with ginger, sprite, ice & soda) & Herb hint (strawberry syrup mixed with basil, lemon juice & sprite). Both were good. The one truly memorable drink that I loved was the Indian classic Kala Khatta- made with pomegranate, lemon & coke with lots of tangy spices. I loved the tangy taste & the spicy masala zing to the drink, good for the summers.



We started with Avocado Pesto Pasta salad that had fusilli pasta, tomatoes, olives & shaved Parmesan, which was delicious to taste.


Then we ordered half a chicken with spicy rice, which was chicken, marinated in their secret recipe sauce & grilled (not fried) to perfection- I could feel the crunch in every bite. So all the health conscious people this is the place because the fresh chicken fillet is marinated in sauce and then grilled reducing the calories. With all the dishes we tried the 4 sauces from South Africa- Mild peri, Tangy lemon, Very peri & the Supa Peri (spiciest one). I particularly loved the flavor & spiciness of the Supa Peri sauce as it was adding a good flavor to the food without overpowering it


Then came the jewel in the crown – the black burger. It was a visual delight itself looking like a cute bun & I tasted the bun first which was tasty & very soft. When I dug my teeth into the burger, I got the taste of herbs, garlic powder, ginger, parsley & patty of the burger which was awesome; it was fresh, soft & very sumptuous. I found it to be healthy (since wholewheat bread was a major part of the burger). Rohit told me that their cooking method is fat free & all the fat is gone down during oven cooking which is a healthy way of cooking with very little oil.


Next we ordered their Chicken Esptada which was their signature hanging dish skewed with chicken breast, onions & peppers served with sides. It was fresh and came with a host of dips and sauces.


For the desserts, we ordered Chocolate fondant Vanilla bean with ice cream, which I remember, was warm hot chocolate with Vanilla ice cream & a soft biscuit under the cream & moist choco layers. It was pure and utter indulgence.


Overall, the food is good & I enjoyed being at that place. I relished the food with the delicious & tempting sauces. I also learnt there that eating lots of chilli(the peri peri experience) increases the metabolism of the body & is good for health. Moreover, the food was grilled so it’s a great place for all the food lovers who want to live healthy and not worry about the calories.

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