My first visit to the Academy Of Pastry Arts in Gurgaon was like a dream because here creative chefs work together in harmony and create many beautiful & unique designs with sugar gum berries, fruits, nuts and chocolates.Academy of Pastry Arts India is an international pastry school where professional pastry chefs offer world-class pastry instructions to many young pastry chefs.


It is one of the top 10 Pastry Schools in the world. The event witnessed the presence of various national and international chefs.The institute was classy and sophisticated & had all the equipment, which would bring about a welcome change in the pastry making industry. World class pastries & chef’s Exotic Sugar Displays were exhibited at the event.


I had the chance to taste some of their recipes like Ruby Laysee, which had choco tart, raspberry jam & choco mousse.  Then I tasted Honolulu which was exotic mango and passion flavored pastry, Basque Café which tasted of coffee, La Fraise which had strawberry and berry jam, Ciel called heaven consisting of mango passion, Cremeux and earl grey ganache. All pastries and cakes were deliciously complex and full of masterful flavours.


Mr. Niklesh Sharma, Director, Academy of Pastry Arts says, “The Academy which has its strong foothold in Malaysia is all set to explore the promising Indian Market. We are hopeful that our initiative will redefine interest levels in the domain of Pastry and Baking Arts. Being experienced campaigners in this segment, we are hopeful that our Academy will receive a huge response from all the foodpreneurs, chefs, foodies etc.”I also had the chance of speaking to Mr Niklesh Sharma, who spoke about how they created American flavours and create their own recipes, syrups & juices.


Chef Nidhi Lohia who got an award & loves making Red Velvet spoke about her love for food and how care is taken to prepare the blends and fruit sorbets in summers & more chocolate stuff in winters. They don’t want to make the usual black forest flavours but want to give their own Malaysian and American twist to the flavours.


Sir Ewald Notter, the World Champion in Pastry created a masterpiece , a woman out of the colourful pastry dough and we were all speechless the way his hands were moving and working like a magician. All the colours of contentment, harmony & hope- blue, green, red combined together to create a beautiful picture. The institute has various courses for those who want to learn pastry, bakery arts, read making, french pastries and tarts. The duration of the courses is from 3 months for a basic certificate to six months for diploma courses and 9 months for advanced diploma besides weekend sessions for those constrained for time.


Now students can get world class pastry education her in India. The Pastry Training as Academy has a clear vision on grooming students for the Hospitality Industry as well as nurturing them to be future entrepreneurs as Chocolatiers, Artisan Bakers & Cake designers.The Pastry Institute which was a Malaysian concept , has now forayed into the Indian market ad one hopes that many young and passionate people pick up pastry making and pastry art as a full time career.


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