All those hooked on to ’Escape the room’ online games should leave their laptops and mobile phones right now. No No Fret not! There is no virus in that game but what if we tell you, you can experience this game LIVE!! Surprised? Yes, that’s what Team ChicLifeByte recently experienced. Mystery Rooms located at Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon is the live version of Escape the Room game. Still don’t believe us? So head to this wonderful place where you can play 4 interesting games live – Hurt Locker, Lock Out, Cabin in the Woods and Abduction. The games have been written in the order of difficulty and with each game the level of difficulty increases. We started with Level 2 which was Lock Out. The 4 of us were locked in a prison for an hour and we had to free ourselves with the help of interesting clues which we had to solve. The biggest clue being “Look everywhere, even the smallest of thing could help you free yourself”. But one really needs to be attentive and think Out of the Box. Tough, a taskmaster will give you hints but it is you and your team who need to solve the clues or riddles. The team could be between 2 to 8 people in the age group of 10 to 77 and does not require any physical force.

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