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Big Wong for those Chinese & Thai cravings

Food May 15, 2016

Thai food has great & high nutritional values plus lot of health benefits. Thai herbs are also used to cure & heal certain diseases. For example, garlic is used to reduce blood pressure, shallot eases cold symptoms, chilli stimulates blood circulation, lemongrass relieves digestive disorders & galangal eases gastrointestinal discomfort.

Herbs and spices used in Thai food provide distinct aroma & flavour to certain dishes. It makes the recipe tasty & interesting. Unique fragrance, aroma, taste which when you intake makes you feel good & healthy like the coconut milk which when added in green Thai curry smells and tastes delicious and is also healthy. Some mild, some sweet, some chilli all are combined together to form a great Thai recipe and Big Wong is one such eating joint (delivery as well dine-in) where you can have and taste the best of authentically made delicious & healthy Chinese & Thai cuisine.

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Pan Asian gourmet food delivery from Asian Haus

Food December 12, 2015

ChicLifeByte brings to you another food experience this time- Pan Asian gourmet home delivery from Asian Haus. Asian Haus strives to promote healthy living by making a conscious effort to reduce the use of artificial flavors, oils and sugars traditionally used in Asian cooking. By using imported products and sauces, they ensure that the food retains its Asian authenticity. The food is cooked in less oil with no preservatives/artificial flavours and no MSG.

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