Being a Delhiite, Nehru Place has always been the go-to destination for electronics – either for getting your laptop fixed or for a new mobile phone. Being a foodie, our rounds to any place are incomplete without eating and there has surely been no restaurant in Nehru Place which offers a nice hygienic meal with nice seating. Epicuria did solve this problem to an extent but a food court is not the best place to have a nice hearty meal.

I recently spotted Shree Rathnam on a sunny afternoon of October and my excitement had no limits. I had tried Shree Rathnam during one of my trips to Chandigarh and absolutely loved the food, so with no second thoughts, I stepped inside the restaurant. I was greeted by Harpreet, the owner of the restaurant along with Keshav, the manager. I was quite impressed by the calm and composed décor done in beige and brown. After the hustle bustle in the market, people do crave for a nice meal in peace.

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