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Sakura festival at En- The Japanese Restaurant

As the pleasant days of spring arrive in Japan, it is time to enjoy the beauty of flowers and blossoms with the important custom Hanami. En- The Japanese Restaurant is hosting its own Hanami party with a special Sakura themed menu at the restaurant.

Diners at En will come together under one roof to celebrate Hanami, while enjoying the views of cherry blossoms and drinking and eating. Special sakura themed dishes, cocktails and desserts like Sakura blossom Mocktail, Temari Sushi with cherry blossom and Vegetable picked and Sakura Chiffon Cake have been included in the menu for the festival. Apart from that, one can gorge delicious Tofu Sauteed, Vegetable Tempura, Baked Saikyou Miso Mackerel to name a few.  Continue Reading